Guest post by Sarah Chester:

If you are looking for a job you should always consider your personal brand – branding is important for companies, yet it is also good for individuals as it creates positive connections between different platforms, online and off-line.

Additionally, good branding will demonstrate that you are business savvy and willing to put in a fair bit of work to achieve desired results. Personal branding is particularly important for people looking for design jobs, yet anyone in the digital or creative industry should look to it as they apply to jobs.

If you decide to create a brand, you will have to ensure it is present everywhere you are online. If you have a website this is a natural place to cement your brand – create a design that is simple, eye-catching and appealing. Consider turning your name into a logo and then place it in natural places around the site in a pallet of complimentary colors.

Once this is done you should look to replicate this branding on your CV and any other websites you might have – this will create strong connections between your work. Also be sure to host your CV on your website in case anyone comes calling. 

It is also possible to set up your Twitter account so that it reflects your brand. Here are some pointers on how to do this:

  • Go to the settings page of your Twitter account
  • Go to the design tab and select an image to upload – this image can be your name portrayed as a brand or anything else
  • Alternatively, you can choose a design from one of Twitter’s pre-sets to align it with your brand
  • Finally change the sidebar and font colors by clicking “Change design colors” – pick your key colors to build connections with your site
  • Check out Twitter’s guide for more information

Finally be sure to only tweet things that make you look appealing to potential employers – managers will scope out your twitter feed before interviewing so make sure it looks good.

Facebook and LinkedIn don’t allow you to customize templates and colors, yet you can still ensure that the content you post there reflects what you have on your website, and how you want to be seen.

Personal branding is incredibly important these days, and the easiest way to catch people’s attention is online. So make sure that your brand follows you everywhere you go on the internet.