Setting the foundation stones for you career is not what it used to be.

Conventional thinking has it that we go to school, we study for exams, take it to the next level at college and then lay our accomplishments out in a traditional résumé so that potential employers can do the math.

But today, Human Resources is not about math; it is about people. Your potential value to employers and collaborators is about more than the exams you’ve passed and the interviews you’ve aced. It is about your character, your vision and your unique value.

At its simplest, refining your personal brand means ensuring you have a lively, accurate LinkedIn page that tells what you’ve achieved, but also discusses what you’ve learned – and where you want to take it. You’ll also ensure your personal profiles are on-message. There’s really no such thing as a private profile, so you need to pay attention to everything you share – but if you decide to make purposely public profiles, be consistent with your usernames, your tone, your subject matter. A strong personal brand means unity and character.

Headway Capital has created the infographic below that can help you reach this stage in eleven easy steps. If you’re new to the idea of personal branding, it can help you right away – and even if you already have a significant online presence, these principles can help you unify your message for a stronger impact. Check it out!


Marilyn is a HR specialist from Brooklyn and based in the UK. Her area of expertise is human resources, but she's also worked as part of a large customer care team for many years. Nowadays Marilyn is developing her career as a freelance writer, specializing in topics connected to leadership, careers and advice for small businesses from a HR perspective.

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