If your business is growing, and you’re new to the world of online recruitment, you have probably heard experts say you need to build your candidate (or talent) pipeline. While you may nod your head or utter a nonverbal hmm in agreement, you may not really know what a candidate pipeline is or how to go about building or growing one.

You want to grow your business. What do you do now?

If your business is gaining momentum, you need to know how to leverage this innovative recruitment tactic to work for you. Let’s discuss what a talent pipeline is, why you need one, and how a candidate pipeline it can benefit your business and help refine your recruitment strategy.

What Is A Talent Pipeline?

A talent pipeline is a pool of potential applicants for your company that are actively engaged in your brand and waiting for a position to become available (or can be persuaded to apply with the right messaging). Think of your pipeline as a line of interested candidates waiting outside your door, and your lifeline when you need to fill an employment vacancy.

Your pipeline doesn’t have to solely consist of candidates actively looking for a job. In fact, data suggests that some of the best candidates are what is known as passive job seekers; they aren’t urgently seeking employment but would apply to a position if they received the right messaging.

According to a study on Global Talent Trends conducted by LinkedIn, 70% of the global working population is made up of passive job seekers, and over 80% of recruitment teams worldwide report that their pipeline of passive job seekers is an essential component of their recruitment strategy. A talent pipeline helps you efficiently recruit the perfect fit when you need to fill a position at your company.

How Do I Build My Talent Pipeline?

As mentioned above, your pipeline can consist of both active and passive job seekers. So, how do we engage these potential candidates and turn them into applicants when a job opens up? Let’s explore how to attract qualified talent to your pipeline.

Your talent pipeline can consist of active job seekers in your immediate reach such as individuals who have previously applied or visited your website, candidates who were referred to your organization by a current employee, or job seekers who you met at a career fair or diversity initiative. Even current employees can be in the talent pipeline for a promotion.

In order to grow your pipeline, you need to first evaluate your needs as a company. Who do you want to represent your organization? What are you growing toward? What will future positions in the company look like? Visualize your ideal candidates and what skills, talents, and qualities they have.

You can’t build a pipeline until you have a clear vision of who you are as an organization. Consider partnering with professional recruitment strategists to help tell your company’s story in a clear, compelling manner and attract new talent to your candidate pipeline.

In the digital age, many job seekers begin their job search on social media. Did you know that in a recent study, nearly 80% of job seekers reported that social media played a role in their job search? Attract future employees to your pipeline by posting engaging content and investing in targeted social media or google banner ads. 


A talent pipeline is an innovative recruitment strategy that allows you to target and keep tabs on qualified candidates for future job openings at your growing organization. You can target both active and passive job seekers for your pipeline and use it to help your company accomplish your vision. Your talent pipeline is essential as it creates further awareness of your brand and can help your company save time, money, and effort when filling a job vacancy.

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