It’s a bit of a sobering moment when we come to look at our lives and realize that we’ve been stuck in the same old routine, and in the same old role, for months and years of our lives. We come to wonder where our passion and our energy went – where our ability to make sweeping changes to our life, learn new things and progress in our career left us.

This article is about addressing that feeling with positivity, dragging you from the rut you may feel trapped in, and showing you plenty of alternatives to help you advance and delight in different paths for your career.


If you feel like you’re in a rut, and that’s making you feel demotivated, unhappy and resentful, it’s time to take a meeting with your manager. Find yourself a manager that you really trust – and one that you think will put your needs above their own, or the company’s.

Sit down with them in private and share your feelings. They may offer you, counsel, they may offer you a promotion or a pay rise, or they may simply suggest that you move to a new company where you’ll be happier. Your manager should know if you’re feeling stuck in a rut – as they may be able to help.

Careers Counsel

Now you should also look to independent sources of career counseling in order to help you make a constructive decision about the future of your life and your direction towards, hopefully, a better and more fulfilling career.

Pick one of these specialists that you can trust so that you can talk frankly with them about your hopes and dreams, and where you believe they might have briefly abandoned you in your current career. They’ll listen, make notes, and think of all the options you have before you. What’s exciting is that there are dozens of ways that you can move into a more exciting career at this juncture – you just need guidance to the right methods for you.

Back to School

There is nothing bad about the feeling of going back to school after some time spent in an unfulfilling career. In fact, a huge and growing number of US citizens do just that, deciding in good time that they’re not as fond of their current roles as possible, and choosing to make a sideways move into a new career, via some important training that’ll help them get hired.

Here, you can study an online accounting MBA from the comfort of your couch and your laptop – or head into night classes at your local school to learn how to use computers, how to code, or how to make arts and crafts. Whatever you’re thinking of moving into, there’ll be educational opportunities to help you make the most of your move.

Consult Your Network

After this period, in which you’ll have gained some new skills and met some new people, it’s a wise idea to turn back to your network for ideas and inspiration.

Your personal and professional network is as much a source of inspiration, and jobs, as anywhere else, and they’ll be able to point you towards the opportunities that you alone may not have been able to consider. Use your network to help you at this delicate stage, you never know, someone may know somebody who’s looking for a new employee just like you.

Take a Break

There’s an element to career ruts that simply seems to revolve around the fact that you’ve been going to the same place, sitting in the same seat, chatting with the same colleagues, and doing the same tasks for months and months on end.

As such, you may just need a break, and if you have enough cash, it could be a constructive idea to up sticks and head out traveling for a couple of months. The same can be said of moving to a new city and starting from scratch. Life, remember, is there to be lived and not endured. If things aren’t working out for you, there’s always time to change.

Get Excited

Now that you’ve made some decisive steps towards working in a happier and more fulfilled future career, you’ll be able to launch into all of your new tasks with an added gusto and pride that’ll carry you far.

Use this newfound excitement to spur you into making new friends, enjoying new experiences, and adding new zest to your life that you never had before.

These tips should help any individual that feels they’re struggling in a boring and unfulfilling job. There are plenty of ways to change that, as you’ll have discovered above.

Guest writers and carefully selected for Career Enlightenment. Thanks for reading!

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