Some people were put on this earth to do extraordinary things while working alone. Take Einstein, for example. He didn’t consult a single person before writing his famous general theory of relativity. And that changed the world as we know it. One man, working alone, with a pencil and a piece of paper. Quite astounding when you think about it.

Other people couldn’t have changed the world for the better without the help of others, of course, but then there’s another group of people – those who want to spend their waking hours helping people they have never met to live in better circumstances. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t mind working either alone or in a group as long as your work involves helping others, you may be wondering about your career options.

Family nurse practitioner

Ever thought of going into nursing? It’s a rewarding career with many opportunities to provide care and life-changing support to the people who need it most (read more about how you could undertake a family nurse practitioner degree).

Nursing arguably began with Florence Nightingale. She took it upon herself to travel to war zones and tend to the sick and injured. Admirable stuff. But in her early days, there is the argument that she may have inadvertently spread diseases due to a lack of understanding surrounding sanitation. Still, she no-doubt meant well, and her legacy continues.

These days, nursing is not a gender-specific role. Family nursing helps families to access the service they need, as well as looking after safeguarding issues. It’s a multifaceted role with the family unit at the core of treatment routes. If you believe that you may have what it takes to help family units to gain access to the medical services they need, becoming a family nurse practitioner might be the correct career path for you. 

Speech therapist

Becoming a speech therapist isn’t just about helping people to overcome a stutter. Those who have seen the award-winning film The King’s Speech may think that the role of a speech therapist is to help rich people to enunciate their vowels and wrap their mouths around every word right up until the last letter.

Well, if you get a role in helping rich people to do that, then that’s exactly what being a speech therapist will be for you in that particular instance. What’s more likely is that you’ll be helping people who have had accidents to learn to use their face and neck muscles again, all the time improving their speech.

Personal trainer

There are very obvious people in this world who are cut out to be fitness trainers. If you are drawn towards all things nutrients, exercise, and lycra clothing so tight you can count the change in your pocket from 6 feet away, why not turn that passion into a career.

Personal trainers help build esteem. You’ll need a motivated attitude and a personality that people can draw energy from. If you have all of those things in abundance, and you’re tired of hitting your sit-up count for the day without getting paid for it, a career in personal training could be for you.

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