We all love to talk to our children about what they might want to do when they grow up.

Typically, answers range from the handful of obvious jobs that they know to exist (e.g. teacher, police, doctor, race car driver – for some reason, race car driver always gets a high billing), to a smattering of seemingly random jobs pulled out of thin air, like ‘elephant zookeeper’, ‘singer and dancer’, and my personal favorite, ‘van driver, so I can keep all the packages’ (you know you’re ordering too many things online when your child wants to drive the delivery van – they no doubt see it as some kind of Aladdin’s cave on wheels).

Then, there are careers in law. For kids who want to be lawyers, the future could be very rewarding. For example, check out a group of personal injury lawyers based in LA for more of an idea.

The work isn’t easy. And the time spent in classrooms and passing exams before anybody will let someone in training close to a client’s case may seem insurmountable at the outset.

But despite the route being long and winding and testing and varied, the route is nevertheless broadly defined – anything is possible with a goal in mind and a constant check on both progress to date and next steps. The next question is: is my child a good fit for a career in law?

Determination (hitting targets other people didn’t even know were there to be hit)

Being a lawyer means a lot of leg work and research. It’s sort of a mix between being a detective and the captain of the debating team all at once. You ask preliminary questions, you get answers, you assess the answers and you take the next step.

This can feel a little like wandering around in a dark room with a fading torch trying to find hidden batteries – that’s why it takes determination to get the answers you need and form your client’s case in a time frame that suits everybody.

Does ‘determination’ come to mind when you think of your child? For some people, the answer is an outright yes. For others who aren’t sure, perhaps a career in law isn’t suited.

Empathy – it’s more than saying ‘there, there’

Empathy is something we all have to a degree. It would take an especially cruel mind to witness an injustice and think nothing more about it. Empathy drives us to help others. Empathy connects us and fans the flames of camaraderie and teamwork.

If your child is empathetic, law is ideal. If your child is lethargic towards the plight of others, perhaps a rethink of suitable career paths is in order.

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