LinkedIn is one of the most popular online platforms, helping connect employees with their favorite jobs. In order to stand out of the crowd and overlook your competitors, you’ll need to promote yourself creatively. Here are some ways in which you can become outstanding on this helpful platform.

1. Sell Your Story

Capturing your viewers’ attention is the number one rule in climbing the success ladder and getting your most desired job. It’s important to stay funny, original, and honest. You must design a good story in order to reach success:

  • Design a smart, short story for each one of the jobs posted on your profile
  • Don’t just state your previous responsibilities, include relevant details in each description
  • Describe what problems you’ve encountered, and explain how you overcame them
  • Highlight your creative problem-solving skills; use many examples

Include only relevant accomplishments in your profile. Forget about the characteristics that no longer matter to your future job. Appeal to best resume writing services for help if you need any. It’s important to keep your content brief and to the point, if you don’t want to bore your prospective employer.

2. Focus on the Future, Not the Past

Instead of focusing on your previous achievements, emphasize your goals. What are your desires, and future expectations? What do you want to accomplish both in the short and long term? What have you learned over the past years? Is there anything that you’d like to change in the way you approach your work life? Include all these details into your LinkedIn profile, as it will help entrepreneurs understand your expectations, expertise, and perspectives.

3. Update Your Content Constantly

It’s always a great idea to revise and refresh your content as you develop professionally. That will keep your potential employers updated on your progress, and offer you a higher chance of getting hired. Remember: your LinkedIn profile is your online resume that needs constant revision.

I know that whenever you accomplish something new, you instantaneously add it to your resume. Make it a habit to open up your LinkedIn account right after, and update that as well.

4. Include Visual Content

According to the LinkedIn Company Blog, 37% of marketers said visual marketing was the most important content for their business, second only to blog content (38%).

Don’t play boring, add something visually appealing to your profile in order to catch your recruiter’s eye. Here are some good ways to start:

  • Add a background image that defines you – a black or blue background is too simple, and won’t draw anyone’s attention. Don’t forget to keep your profile professional. Tip: your optimal image size is 1200×627 pixels.
  • Make sure your images describe yourself and the type of work you are performing
  • Include quotes or statistics that define you
  • Don’t use texts on photos, only when necessary

Here are some online tools that will help you create visual content:

5. Make Your Contact Details Available for Everyone

Keep your account accessible to everyone if you want people reaching out to you. Include all the important contact information, such as e-mail address, telephone number, website links (if you have any), and any other info you consider essential.

6. Start Messaging Recruiters

As you might already know, you are not the only employee contacting recruiters online. In order to be noticeable in your recruiter’s inbox, consider the following:

  • Use familiar greetings, but don’t cross the line. Address your recruiter respectfully, but casually. Don’t be overly polite.
  • Explain what needs you can meet from the start. What can you do for their company? Why do they need you?
  • Attach your resume to the message you’re sending.
  • Always follow-up, even when employers don’t respond to your message; it’s important to refresh your recruiter’s memory – he/she probably receives at least 20 messages per day.
  • If you lack structure or good format ideas, research online templates to make your job easier.
  • Start your contact search on LinkedIn – when you expand your online connections, you are easier to reach.

Capture your reader’s attention by following the above steps! Be original and innovative, and stand out of the crowd by being yourself.

7. Do a General Clean Up

LinkedIn is not the only social media tool recruiters use. Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram are other important digital utensils that prospective employers use to connect with you. Therefore, it’s important to do a general social media clean up before messaging recruiters, or promoting yourself on LinkedIn.

  • Google yourself and see what pops up
  • Delete all embarrassing, super-provocative photos on every social media account you own
  • Delete every post that touches on controversial issues
  • Change your privacy settings
  • Start sharing only content that’s truly relevant to your work field
  • Follow companies and individuals who are interesting and have relevant things to share publicly

With the job market expanding so quickly, you should expect a lot of competition. When searching for your profile online, employers are interested in good personality traits, a professional online image, a wide and various range of interests, and accurate background information.

8. Choose the Perfect Profile Picture

Since your professional image plays such an important role in your career, make sure you choose a profile picture that describes exactly who you are. Lacking a profile photo is unprofessional and sketchy. It looks like you are trying to hide something, or even hide yourself. For maximizing results, you must be open about yourself, your passions, and your life-long goals.

Final Words

Sell your story, focus on your future goals, constantly update your profile’s content, include visuals in your descriptions, make your profile accessible to everyone, start messaging recruiters, do a general clean-up of your social media, and choose the perfect profile picture – all of these will help you get the job that you want. Good luck!