Damon Becnel is a successful land developer who knows what it takes to succeed. In this blog post, he shares five qualities that every entrepreneur should possess if they want to achieve success. Passion, persistence, perseverance, planning, and people skills.

These five P’s can help you succeed as a new entrepreneur. If you’re looking to start your own business or want to improve your current business, make sure you read this post!


Passion is a quality that is often associated with success. After all, being an entrepreneur takes a certain level of passion. Damon believes that passion is the first quality that every entrepreneur should possess. Passion is undoubtedly essential for entrepreneurs, but it is important to remember that not everyone is cut out for entrepreneurship. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to succeed in business, and not everyone is willing to do the necessary work.

Passion is a necessary but not sufficient condition for entrepreneurship. Those passionate about their work tend to be more successful, but they still need the drive and determination to see their businesses through the tough times.


There are plenty of reasons why entrepreneurs should have persistence. First, it shows that they are dedicated to their business. They aren’t going to give up at the first sign of trouble. Second, it helps them to overcome obstacles. 

By being persistent, entrepreneurs are more likely to find solutions to problems. Finally, it sets them apart from the competition. Many start businesses, but not all have what it takes to stick with it when things get tough. Those who do have a better chance of being successful in the long run.

Persistence is an essential quality for any entrepreneur who wants to be successful. It shows dedication, allows them to overcome obstacles, and sets them apart from the competition. To be a successful entrepreneur, you must cultivate this quality and ensure that you never give up on your dreams.


Damon is right – perseverance is a crucial quality for entrepreneurs. After all, anyone who starts their own business is bound to face challenges and setbacks. It’s essential to be able to pick yourself up after a setback and keep moving forward. Otherwise, you’ll never achieve your goals.

Of course, it’s not always easy to persevere when facing difficult circumstances. That’s why developing a solid work ethic and mindset is crucial. If you stay focused and committed, you’ll be more likely to weather any storm. So if you’re thinking of starting your own business, remember – it’s not going to be easy. But if you have perseverance, anything is possible.


Planning is a critical quality for any entrepreneur. Without a plan, getting off track and wasting time and resources is easy. A good plan will help you map out where you want to go and how you’ll get there. It will also keep you focused and on track to make the most of your time and resources.

Of course, planning isn’t just about creating a roadmap. It’s also about being flexible and adaptable. Your plan may not always play out how you expect it to, and that’s okay. The important thing is to be able to adjust your course as needed and continue moving forward toward your goals.

If you’re serious about starting a business, take the time to develop a solid plan. It will make all the difference in your ability to achieve success.

People Skills

People skills are essential for entrepreneurs. They need to be able to build relationships and communicate effectively with their team, customers, and partners. Without good people skills, it’s challenging to create a successful business.

Damon believes that people skills are the fifth and final quality entrepreneurs should have. He says they are essential to building relationships and effective communication in business. Without these skills, creating a successful business venture would be challenging.

Although some people can interact with others, many entrepreneurs lack these skills and must learn them through experience or formal training. Whether or not you’re naturally gifted in this area, developing strong people skills is critical to your success as an entrepreneur.

Final Thoughts

Passion, persistence, and perseverance are just a few qualities that every successful entrepreneur should possess, like Damon Becnel. While it takes more than just these qualities to succeed in business, they are essential ingredients in the recipe for success. Passion drives an entrepreneur to turn a great idea into a reality. It fuels the fire when things get tough and keeps them going when others have given up. 

Persistence allows entrepreneurs to overcome setbacks and keep moving forward toward their goals. And perseverance will enable them to maintain their focus and determination when tough times. While there are many other important qualities that entrepreneurs need to possess, these three are essential for anyone who wants to achieve business success.