If you’ve been staying up to date with the latest statistics about job seeking trends, you already know that LinkedIn is the #1 place potential employers look.

CareerBuilder.com reported that 80% of employers will look online.

Let’s combine this fact with another fact. According to leading psychologists, hiring managers make split second decisions about prospects based on very minor issues.

Let’s face it, your LinkedIn profile has less than 30 seconds to clearly communicate your brand and make a positive impression on someone.

Can You Confidently Say That YOUR Profile Does the Job?

Sometimes it’s hard to answer that question. We’ve spent WAY too much time staring at our resume, or online profiles. And it all just looks the same.

Or we simply haven’t given it the credit it is due.

At a recent workshop I held in front of 100 engineers in Portland, OR, I recieved this comment:

Wow! Before now, I hadn’t realized how important my LinkedIn profile was for my job search. Thanks for illuminating me.

Well, we are Career Enlightenment 🙂

Seriously, if you do anything online it would be to make sure, 150% sure, that your LinkedIn profile is effective.