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I’m Joshua Waldman and I’m hoping this blog will change the way you think about your job search and career.

If you’re interested in finding work in the most effective and efficient way possible, the first step is to cut the time you spend on job boards in half and double the amount of time you are spending networking on social media.

For many people this shift is hard to make, after all, the traditional method I call “spray and pray” is what most people are telling you as career advice. And it’s not only wrong, but it’s also harmful and way outdated.

Times have changed.

Just take this statement from a blog reader, “I’ve sent out literally hundreds of resumes and nothing has worked. The job market is really bad right now.”

Um. No. Not really. The job market is doing much better. But actually the way you are going about finding work needs to change. It’s not the markets to blame, it’s your approach.

After all, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

If blasting out resumes didn’t work, then STOP blast resumes. Do something different.

That “do something different” is exactly what I teach.

Who Is Joshua Waldman

You can read my story here on my Who is Joshua Waldman page and why I’m writing this blog. (And why you should listen to me, ie. the research I’ve done, etc.)

Where Should I Start

1. The Blog

Getting familiar with (1) why social media is THE KEY ingredient to the modern job search and (2) how you can use it properly. To help you with that, I’ve included a list of my most popular and important blog posts here.

Please take your time and read as many of these articles as you can.

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