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Marian Schembari, a freelance public relations consultant and blogger, got her job using Facebook Ads. I had the privilage of speaking with Marian and you can watch our conversation in the video above.

Here are a couple of highlights from our conversation:

  • She only spent $150, and made up for it almost instantly
  • She was VERY targeted. Notice she uses the name of her target company in the ad
  • Though the job didn’t come directly from the ad, it lead to connections and conversations that got her employed
  • Within a day of posting the ad, she got over 10 emails
  • Her personal brand grew dramatically, to the point where she gets unsolicited job offers, yes, OFFERS

Though posting ads on Facebook may not work with every industry, what can you do to improve your personal brand and get noticed by more people?

Marian’s blog: http://marianlibrarian.com
Marian’s website: http://marianschembari.com