Chances are you will not get that ideal job if you slander your old boss on any social media site or show up late and dress inappropriately for your interview. Less obvious are five common reasons that also cancel the perfect job for which you are qualified.

Selling Yourself

Prove that you are the cog in the wheel without which this company cannot operate. Without you, the company will be lagging behind their competitors and not achieving their goals. Everything about you must be professional–from your online profile photos to your email address to your voicemail.

A Resume That Stands Out

Is there any feature about your resume that will distinguish it from the other 300 in the stack? Chronologically listing all your previous work experience may not do justice to your capabilities, especially if you have been unemployed for awhile. A simple cover page with a brief reference to your top three hiring qualities and previous accomplishments can make the difference. A trait-based resume emphasizes what you can specifically bring to the table that will benefit the company now.

Do Your Homework

Not doing your homework of researching the new business’s website so that you visualize how you could improve the company, is going to show up at the interview. You must be able to see exactly where your talents and past experience will make a difference and to explain that to the manager.

The First 15 Seconds and Beyond

In the first 15 seconds your prospective boss has summed up your qualifications by your appearance, handshake, confident manner and enthusiasm. If you have not rehearsed the answers to likely questions your new manager may ask you, and if you have not lined up pertinent questions to ask him about his company, you will appear unprepared.

Attitude Followed by Action

Be convincing that you are a team player. Your goal is to serve the company, to make it great. Prove your willingness to cooperate and to lead in the area of your expertise. What sets you apart is flexibility, ability to multitask or add fresh ideas, willingness to study and research, initiative and attention to detail.

After the interview drop a thank you into the mailbox before you go home. Let the boss know you will call in two days, if that’s acceptable. Then do it. Simple courtesy and follow-up convince him that you are serious, accountable and hire-ready.

Samuel Mauzz is a blogger who enjoys blogging about productivity, business, and marketing.  When not working with Quick Sprout Samuel can be found enjoying the hiking trails and outdoors of Phoenix, AZ or taking in a good book (non-fiction only 😉