While holiday activities may be keeping you plenty busy this season, it is important that you stay dedicated to your job search. Businesses aren’t taking the whole season off, and neither should you.

Lucky for you, there is good news for those individuals looking to job search this season. Not only will you have less competition this time of year, but employers are still hiring, just like any other season. Now, they just might have year-end goals to fulfill and job spots to fill for the coming year.

Try to balance your job search with fun holiday activities this season. You must remember to enjoy your holiday season, but taking this time while everyone else is lounging to really ramp up your job hunt will serve you well. Listed below are a couple of tips for this holiday season’s job search.

Network at Holiday Parties

While your job search might not be your favorite topic of discussion at holiday parties, it might be beneficial to enter into this conversation. Holiday parties are full of relatives, friends, and friends of friends. All of these people will be open to employment conversations and just might be able to help you by either providing you with leads or advice.

You should take this chance to network at holiday parties while people are in a giving and positive mood. Remember to make it clear that you are open to any advice that they can offer and that you are trying very hard on your own in the search.

Stay Positive and Make Connections

You must keep your spirits high during your job hunt this holiday season. Holiday parties are great opportunities to network with your family and friends, but there are many other options available at this time. The holidays are a great excuse to get back in touch with peers and past colleagues. Send out a quick note of warm wishes and include some updates on your life. Whether you are maintaining or renewing a connection, holiday cards are great for making contact and breaking the ice.

Do you have more tips for job seekers on keeping up with their job search during the holiday season? Leave us your feedback in the comments.