It’s a technological jungle out there. In the years since job hunting moved online, the world has not ceased turning; now, we’re moving at light-speed towards even faster, more personal methods. But with the right weapons in your arsenal, you can overcome the odds.

Harness the power of our chosen apps, and you’ll find yourself at the lofty pinnacle of the job hunt scene.

Get hustling with LunchMeet

80% of jobs are filled through networking. So, if you’re going to land that perfect position, you’ve got to perfect your hustle. LunchMeet is an innovative new app that connects LinkedIn users in similar areas and similar fields.

The app’s developer, Taylan Kay, claims Lunchmeet “brings people together and helps them form meaningful connections.” You log in with your LinkedIn account, enter your available time slots, and search for local workers in similar fields. Those you want to meet, you message. Hey presto! You’ve got a lunch date – though not of the romantic variety.

If you’re looking for your networking hit but don’t like the LunchMeet idea, you can always try CityHour, an app that searches for people within a 50 mile radius looking to meet up in the next two hours.

Spread your net with JobMo

Job applications are a numbers game. So what better way to maximise your chances than by ensuring access to the maximum number of job postings? If you’re a regular user of Reed, Indeed and other mass job boards, JobMo will collate all of these into a single, more useable resource. The app also lets you search jobs by area, as well as compare salaries directly.

Furthermore, if you’re keen to find those jobs less advertised, LinkUp Job Search will do the hard work for you. It draws job advertisements directly from company websites, ignoring third-party job boards. Furthermore, if the bane of your search is fake postings and scams, the app’s method makes sure that these don’t appear on its lists.

Perfect your CV with Pocket Resume

We all know that having a good resume is important, and there is no shortage of CV-building programmes out there. For £2, Pocket Resume will give you a professional-level CV, formatted in a clear and readable way. All you have to do is enter your details and experience. Alternatives include ResumeCreator or My Resume Builder.

Swot up with Interview Prep Questions

It’s not just body language and social skills you need to demonstrate at interview; it’s preparation, too. Apps like Interview Prep Questions prepare you by using virtual flash cards. With options to shuffle and ignore at will, you can prepare for your next grilling any time, on the go.

Don’t like the sound of that? Try Interview Pro, which features over 80 different questions, or Interview Buzz, which comes in both free and paid-for versions. Finally, a great interview resource for job-seekers is the What Colour Is Your Parachute? app. A companion app to the ‘world’s most popular job-hunting guide’, it imparts excellent job-search advice from revered author Richard Bolles – straight to your phone!

Get picky with Switch

Love Tinder? Then you’ll love the concept behind Switch, which lets you ‘swipe’ on jobs rather than people. If successful, you could be chatting directly with hiring managers within minutes. Best of all, the process is totally anonymous – perfect for current employees looking to ‘switch’ quietly to a new position, without alerting their bosses.

Make social media work for your job search, with BeKnown

In the modern world, we all have Facebook and Twitter accounts. These social media bastions are great for socialising, organising and… job hunting? The creators of BeKnown certainly think so.

Using your Facebook and, if you want, other social media contacts, this app creates a professional network for you out of people you already know. So, if you’re looking to boost your network with minimal effort, this should be your first port of call.

Like all new technologies, apps can be daunting at first. But with dedicated use and an open approach, you’ll soon find you couldn’t live without them. So take the leap – your dream job could be waiting on the other side.