Digital marketing has exploded over the past two decades in a way that no one could have foreseen at the start of the new millennium. Quite simply every company in existence needs some kind of online presence, whether they trade online or not.

The proliferation in the number of companies who are advertising online has meant there is a huge opportunity for those looking to get into digital marketing, such as the demand from businesses for their skills.

But just what do you need to enjoy a successful career in online marketing?  Below we discuss just some of the skills and software you will need.

Digital Asset Management Software

DAM software, such as is available on this website, is essential for anyone who works in marketing and is responsible for producing and/or managing branded material. Consistency is vital so having in-house control over your company assets means no person or agency will be able to veer from existing branding specifications.

Moreover, you will be able to save your company money by not having to always pay design agencies, when many tasks can be done in house using DAM software.

A penchant to learn

Digital marketing moves faster than most industries, whereas plumbing, accounting, tiling, and other more traditional industries tend to remain pretty static. The world of digital marketing sometimes changes overnight, quite literally.

For example, search engines can update their algorithms in an instant, meaning your whole online strategy could be rendered redundant before you have even made it to your desk in the morning. Although that’s an extreme example, it does illustrate just how important staying abreast of industry developments is.

The ability to adapt

Adaptability is one of the most important qualities individuals need when it comes to working in online marketing. Not being adaptable and becoming siloed in one particular area of marketing can prove disadvantageous should your area of expertise be usurped by something new.

For example, 15 years ago you might have got an animated banner coded in Flash, but nowadays no one would likely use this kind of software, so Flash developers will have had to pivot into learning HTML5. The rapidity of change means those who are open-minded and ready to adapt when needed will have a much better chance of long term career success.

Network, network, network

Nothing has ever been learned through osmosis, so meeting and learning from other digital marketing professionals is vital if you want to earn long term success. This can be via informal networking either online or in person, but can also include attending industry events.

If there is not a suitable event in your industry, why not organize one yourself? You don’t have to book an arena, just simply organize a small gathering of other local professionals and share knowledge over a few cold beverages!

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