Editor’s note: This platform has been discontinued. 

HireSignals.com is a platform designed to confidentially inform recruiters of a candidate’s job search status on LinkedIn. In other words, you can show recruiters that you are looking for a job without letting your current company know about it.

It does this by empowering them with a Firefox (Google’s Chrome Browser is coming shortly!) browser add-on that allows them to “see” a candidate’s job search status and their job interests on LinkedIn in the form of color coding and pop up-windows. The RecruiterLens view superimposes color codes associated with the candidates search status on the LinkedIn search results pages and provides pop-up details on the candidate’s interests on the profile pages.

I’ve asked founder Feargall Kenny for some more information about their system works. Check out his answers here…

How does it work?

Recruiters that use the HireSignals platform are vetted and approved to get access to a browser add-on. When they are browsing linkedin the add-on compares the relevant page (search results pages and profile pages on Linkedin) with the database of registered users on HireSignals. When it sees a match it does the following:

On Search results pages – it superimposes color codes that match the job search status on the individual profile results (green = actively networking, red = not networking etc)
On Profile pages – it provides a pop-up window detailing the information that the candidate has provided on their job interests and job search status.
You can see the platform in action on the following page – http://www.hiresignals.com/howItWorks.php

How do you vet recruiters on the site?

HireSignals firstly verifies the firm’s website, job listings page and submitted classification (agency versus corporate recruiter)
We then verify each recruiter application for the firm with the following checks:

  • must use a corporate email domain (no personal emails allowed) that matches that of the firm.
  • Recruiters must verify that email address to get access to the add-on
  • We check the recruiters’ Linkedin account descriptions to ensure that they match that of agency recruiter or corporate recruiter / HR Manager currently with the firm they have registered under. Hiring/line managers are rejected.

How do I ensure that my employer can’t see my status or job interests?

As HireSignals insists that recruiters use corporate email addresses, candidates can block the domains of their current employer. We recommend that candidates block variations of corporate domains and, where appropriate, the domains of parent organizations. Once this is done the recruiters under those domains will see the candidate as not yet registered with the platform when browsing Linkedin.

How do I sign up?

Go to www.hiresignals.com and login with your Linkedin credentials. Declare yourself a candidate or a recruiter (note that recruiters are vetted and approved on the platform – see below). Then declare your job search status and optionally add details on your job interests, salary requirements etc.