A resume is a single piece of document that serves as your first impression when applying for a job. It determines if you will get an interview or not. 

That is why you need to tailor your resume carefully so that its content can resonate with the potential employer and showcase the character traits they are looking for. 

In most cases, job applicants pay much attention to academic qualifications and work-related achievements. 

However, that shouldn’t be the case. Including life experiences and hobbies, ideally in the final section, will show some originality and help you stand out from the other applicants.

Why Should You Include Hobbies and Life Experiences On Your Resume?

Listing hobbies and life experiences on your resume can speak volumes about you and your personality. 

For example, highlighting that you have a strong interest in giving back to the community can help potential employers understand how you spend your free time and establish what shapes your personality.

However, having hobbies and life experiences on your CV may have little or no impact under certain circumstances. This is especially true if you are seeking a job that requires a lot of professional expertise and skills.  

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Examples of Best Hobbies and Personal Experiences to Put on a Resume:


Statistics show that 82 percent of managers prefer to recruit someone who has volunteering experience. Volunteering demonstrates initiative as well as good morals. It also manifests leadership and organizational skills.


Like any other form of writing, blogging demonstrates your ability to communicate and write. According to experts, communication is one of the most critical skills for those entering a career.


In the last few years, the number of people using social media has rapidly increased. As a result of the advent of social platforms, new professional roles such as social media manager, content developer, and SEO specialist have emerged. 

If you have ever created a Facebook page with a large following or owned an Instagram account with consistent followers, including that will make a positive impression on the recruiter.

Learning Languages

If you want to advance your profession, speaking English alone may not be sufficient. Russian, Hindi, and Japanese are the three fastest-growing consumer languages worldwide you should also consider learning. 

Research has revealed that there is a link between learning languages and problem-solving ability, IQ, and memory capabilities.


Photography entails much more than simply shooting photographs. It does not only improve conceptual and technical knowledge but also teaches how to work with others. 

So, including photography on your resume as a hobby and life experiences can increase your chances of getting an interview.


Today, podcast popularity has dramatically increased. Including podcasting on your resume helps potential employers see you as an industry expert with excellent communication skills. It is also a perfect way to show your organizational abilities.


Regardless of what sports you participate in, including it on your resume can make you stand a high chance of securing a job. 

Exercising in general fosters self-discipline, patience, and the ability to bounce back from setbacks. Leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills can all be improved through team sports.


Most occupations require creative skills. Critical-thinking talents include creativity and imagination. In addition, a study revealed that 93 percent of companies prioritize critical thinking over an undergraduate degree.


Although yoga is classified as a sport, it is much more than stretching. It entails focusing on breathing as an excellent method to unwind your thoughts. Furthermore, research reveals that relaxed employees are less likely to quit their job.


Traveling might demonstrate that you are not scared to venture outside your comfort zone and try new things. Flexibility and adaptability are two of the most important personal qualities in the job. 

Wrapping Up

Hobbies and life experiences will help show originality and add more weight to your resume. However, you must think carefully about how a specific hobby or interest will increase your chances of getting the job before listing it on your resume.