There is extreme competition in the current job market. Job vacancies are abundant, but finding potential candidates is the real deal. To find ideal candidates, recruiters use some strategies. They are always trying to find new ways to recruit students who can fit their positions. Today, many recruiters rely on social media to find promising students.

The reason is clear: students spend a lot of time on social media. In fact, using social media is an inseparable part of a student’s daily life. In this post, we will show you some ways to recruit students on social media.

Using LinkedIn to recruit

Many business owners use LinkedIn to find and recruit talented students. This social networking site is designed to make it easy for recruiters to find job-seekers. That is why many students looking for jobs have LinkedIn profiles. A LinkedIn profile is very much like an online CV.

Moreover, LinkedIn has some other features that make the process easy and fast. When companies try to persuade potential buyers, they use positive feedback from previous customers. Including personal testimonials are very easy on this site. Students who are looking for jobs often ask their friends and others to write a few positive words about their capabilities.

Students who are under pressure can also use a writing service to write their academic papers or order paper. When organizations read the feedback, they have a positive attitude towards the candidates. The feedback serves as an indication of their authenticity and credibility.

That does not mean that LinkedIn can replace a conventional CV. The role of LinkedIn cannot be denied when it comes to finding promising candidates online.

Recruiting from Facebook

Facebook is now the most widely used social networking site. Users like Facebook for a host of reasons. You can create your personal profile, exchange messages, and add others as friends. There are numerous groups and events, and the members share not only text but also photos and videos.

Although most users of Facebook use it for connecting with their near and dear ones, organizations are now trying to get the best out of this social networking site. It benefits the students, too. However, things are a lot easier for students these days.

For example, many students now buy term papers from writing services, when the students are burdened with a lot of homework. Social media, and broadly speaking, the Internet has benefited students in myriad ways.

Many organizations use Facebook for official purposes. Many organizations use Facebook to find promising students who can be potential candidates for many posts. But you have to be strategic when searching for promising students on Facebook. If a student hires a professional writer to write term papers, that does not mean that he is an idle student. It is really astonishing to notice that a social networking site is now being used for serious professional purposes.

Recruiters can access the information of students and contact them. If we look at the phenomenon from a career perspective, we can see that Facebook is a really easy way for recruiters to contact promising students and interview them to know if they are capable of getting the job done.  All these have been possible mainly because of the informal nature of the site. When a recruiter communicates with a student, the conversation goes smoothly, because they are ‘friends’ on the site.

By using Twitter

For posting and exchanging short messages, Twitter has become a very popular public platform. It is very useful for interacting with people and organizations. Users can share links and photos with others. Many recruiters are using Twitter for finding and recruiting potential candidates. But they have to be professional when using Twitter to look for job seekers.

Promising students who are looking for jobs can make the use of this opportunity. The informal nature of this medium helps them connect with the recruiters very easily. Twitter is now used for many other purposes. There are many students who do not find enough time to write their academic papers and therefore use social media to find paper writing services that can get the job done for them.

Tips for recruiters

When using social media, recruiters follow some strategies to make the process successful and smooth. If you are a recruiter looking for promising students on social media, you can adopt these strategies:

  • Organize competitions. To get the best out of digital media, you can organize competitions where students can participate and prove their skills. Hold a competition and let students know about your company and the brands. Before they become professionals, they need to know these things and realize their responsibilities. The goal of such a competition is to let them know how your company works.
  • Set up a referral program. An employee referral program can greatly help you find promising students who can serve as your employees. If you set up a program like this, your current employees will also be happy. They can act as brand ambassadors for your company. If your employees refer some promising students, reward the employees.
  • Do not take too long to hire. Some recruitment agencies take a long time to make decisions and lose many talents. If you take too long, your potential candidates will get hired by your competitors. Do not take too long, because, in that case, your candidate will either get another job or lose interest in your company. It is very important to value the time of your candidates. Do not let the students wait too long for your response. Contact them instantly.
  • Be flexible. When you contact students on social media, do not be very strict. Talk to them in such a way that they do not feel pressured. Give them a sense of freedom and flexibility, and keep the conversations in line with the informal nature of social media.