Job searching has come a long way from just a few years ago! I remember being inbetween jobs after college, filling out dozens of Taleo applications and sending dozens of resumes and cover letters into cyberspace each day. I would obsessively check my e-mail praying for any kind of a response. Just the thought makes me cringe! These days, instead of uploading your resume into a database, you have the opportunity to interact with recruiters and hiring managers in person.

Even though I haven’t been on the job market in a few years, I frequently receive unsolicited job offers from various organizations. I know that if the methods I use work for me, and I am not even looking for a job, they will most certainly help you stand out of the pack!

Let’s face it, on paper we are all relatively the same. This is where personal banding becomes a job seeker’s gold. Instead of sending resumes into cyberspace praying for a response, create a thoughtful online presence. If I haven’t convinced you yet, consider this: According to a survey by Jobvite, over 90% of employers will use social recruiting in 2012. Additionally, 73% of employers surveyed have successfully hired candidates through social media channels.

A Plan for Getting Unsolicited Job Offers:

1. When a recruiter Googles your name, what do you want them to find? Build an attractive personal brand online. Purchase a custom URL that matches your name and build a site about you with your resume readily available.

2. Bump up your activity in a few select social networks. You don’t need to be everywhere- think quality over quantity. I suggest LinkedIn because many recruiters pay the platform lots of money to recruit from their user base. Twitter is also becoming quite the hotspot for recruiters.

3. Maximize your social networking profiles and learn how to use your social networks to their highest potential. There are numerous resources available on the subject. Start educating yourself with these:

4. Provide value online! Don’t just post random stuff, actually interact with people in your social networks. To avoid wasting time stalking people online, set a reasonable timeframe you can commit to (mine is 10 minutes, two times a day).

5. Don’t be shy, reach out to people. One of the most effective things I do on LinkedIn is reach out to a people who have viewed my profile. Here is an example of what I say:

Dear So & So,

I wanted to reach out to you as I see you looked at my LinkedIn profile. Was there anything specific of interest for you or how may I help you moving forward?

Best regards,

This five step plan of attack has resulted in unsolicited job offers for me. If you are getting frustrated with your job search, try my plan of action yourself. I am sure it will result in unsolicited job offers for you as well!