A few months ago, Facebook rolled out Graph Search, which is essentially a high-powered search engine for your profile. Users can search for others not just by name, but by interests, photos, pages, groups, places they’ve been, etc.

While we can understand the power of Facebook Graph Search for employers — such as being able to find the perfect candidate through select criteria — it’s officially job search season, and that means it’s time for job seekers who haven’t yet check out the function to learn how to capitalize on it. Check out these tips for an easier job search.

Reverse searching

Just like Googling your name or researching your background through a search engine, job seekers can see how their profile looks to other people. While this is not entirely new functionality, you are now able to understand how your profile looks through different categories. So if you’re aware an employer is seeking a worker who lives in a certain city, has interests in a particular industry, and has worked for a certain number of years, you can tailor your profile to display those traits.

Tip: When performing a reverse search, remember to think with your employer hat on. Would you hire you, knowing that you post four times a day, comment on certain articles, and use Instagram? Maybe or maybe not. It’s all about standing back and seeing yourself through the eyes of someone else. In addition, you’ll be able to maintain your brand in your job search since you’re viewing it from a different perspective.

Hidden connections

Facebook Graph Search allows you to view connections you may have been unaware of before. If you’re looking for your ideal company in your job search, you can now view who works there, and in turn, check out their public information–for instance, their location, places they’ve been, interests, and groups they are associated with. This allows you to find a connection you may not have realized you had or open the door to a conversation.

Tip: Be bold and reach out! Although you shouldn’t be completely obvious about your job search, there’s nothing wrong with asking questions to a current or former team member. Just be sure to be as accommodating as possible, whether you suggest an in-person meeting, want to chat via Skype or are simply asking for advice.

The perfect match

Do you dream about working for a company that loves travel? What about one that values volunteering or team building? Finding out this information is possible with Facebook Graph Search because you can actually search by certain criteria. So if you want to work for a company with employees who have certain interests, Graph Search can help you find it.

This not only helps you to identify the perfect match, but it can also save you from some unnecessary stress in the long run. There’s nothing worse than getting started with a company only to discover compatibility issues.

Tip: Understand that while Graph Search can give us insight into people and companies, not everyone lists these things on Facebook. So, if employees at your dream organization aren’t so open about their company culture or travel destinations, don’t discount them completely! Use different search methods or simply ask around. You may find the information you’re looking for elsewhere.

Once Facebook Graph Search is available for all users, we’ll likely discover the huge benefits of the tool for job seekers who are looking for an easier way to conduct the job search. By doing some reverse searching, looking for those hidden connections, and finding the perfect match, Graph Search may be the best researching tool you use to eventually land a job.

What do you think? What are some other ways job seekers can optimize on Facebook Graph Search?