Exams are one of the most vital parts of a child’s education. Due to the global pandemic that has affected several aspects of our daily life, education is something that has faced a lot of hindrances. Conducting online classes has been carried out successfully all over the world.

But when it comes to conducting exams with proper security and management, our system has somewhat failed. So to maintain the integrity of high-stake exams the idea of the proctoring tool has been imparted. It has helped to break down all the geographical barriers and organize examinations with effective security standards.

Proctoring is basically a method of supervising an examination. Online proctoring service can be defined as a digital assessment that allows students who are staying in different corners of the world to appear for examination via the internet. Supervisors are allotted to keep an eye on the activities of each student through webcams.

Even their computer screens can be monitored with the help of specially designed software which works on the sharing of the screen. Thus the credibility and authenticity of high-end exams can be preserved. If a student defies any instruction, the proctor will terminate his examination and inform the respective institution about the incident.

Online proctoring tools follow specific algorithms and strategies to catch any kind of cheating. The student’s behavior and working pattern are tracked by the tech through various platforms. Certain browsers are selected for the students so that their access to specific websites and applications can be limited. Let us now discuss how does proctoring tools work:

  • The exams are effectively timed and are conducted online. A specific application such as the edX app needs to be installed for the student to further proceed with the exam. The function of this software is to record and supervise the screen of the participant for security reasons.
  • The data that is recorded by the software is passed on to the proctoring service which includes a group of eligible proctors. The data is then carefully reviewed. 
  • Before proceeding further it is made sure that every student has access to a proper internet connection, webcam, and audio connection. They are required to verify their identity by taking their face and ID card close to the camera. Even the desk and the room is scanned properly to make sure no illegal activity can be carried out by any means.
  • When the exam is conducted the proctoring software will observe each computer and keep a track of any other software that might be running. The audio and video both are recorded and streamed to the software via the cloud.

With the advancement of technology and learning, online proctoring tools have become very popular especially in the education sector. Machine learning technology and algorithm used by these tools are beneficial to help prevent classroom cheating.

The versatility of these tools such as the convenience of access, accessibility, verification process, learning behavior, human proctor’s review has made the whole process easier. Thus, online proctoring is the most advantageous and trending way of taking examinations globally.

Online proctoring has proved to be beneficial to both students and academic institutions. The right proctoring tool makes sure that a student must feel like he or she is sitting right in front of a supervisor as it happens in a classroom. Here are some of the advantages of online proctoring exams:

Maintenance of integrity

Validation of each student’s identification is essential for the examination to proceed further. A virtual ID and a profile have to be set up by the student. This requires a webcam and a biometric facial recognition technique that matches the student’s faces every time they access the system. The latest Lockdown Browser Feature can detect a student’s live workstation. This blocks their access to any external resources and supplies. The recorded test sessions act a proof of exam integrity for the institution. If any complaint is filed by the guardian or student, it can be resolved easily with the help of the recorded files.

Convenient for any student

This platform of examination helps to reach out to students who are located at a different geographical location with ease and comfort. The proctors can properly serve certain students with disabilities and those who require certain accommodations. The student no longer will need to leave their home which as we know is a great risk due to the ongoing pandemic situation. The timings of this examination process are highly flexible without having an impact on any existing resource.


The online proctoring system has helped the education system to shift from a process that required a large number of live proctors to an online digital method that permits a greater number of exams to be supervised by a lesser number of resources. This has saved a lot of unnecessary expenses for the institution. 

The frequency of exams can be increased

With the introduction of online proctoring, exams can be conducted more frequently. This can be applied to any form of examination, be it a quiz or MCQ. This is possible due to fact that there is no pressure of organizing any fixed date or timing for a particular slot of students.

Easy to use

This mode of examination gives the proctors as well as the learners easy access to the system. All that the instructors need to do is just log in and provide passwords to the students. The students just have to log in to their profile and access their question papers.

Thus we can say that online proctoring or remote invigilation is a booming concept in the present-day world. It is beneficial for both the organization taking the exam and also the exam candidates. Candidates enjoy the benefits of home comforts without traveling, time flexibility, also relief from aching hands.

On the other hand, organizations are also free from arranging invigilators in person, enjoy increased security and they can conduct examinations during any time of the year without any interruptions. Finally, it is important to mention that in this present pandemic situation, online proctoring is highly beneficial and recommended. 

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