Mashable recently released the latest in a series of infographics related to how social media is used in the employment game called, How Recruiters Use Social Media to Screen Candidates. This particular research was done by a Facebook monitoring company called Reppler.

There aren’t any surprises in their findings if you’ve been following my own research and reports. However, it’s always great to get validation on these issues.

Here are some highlights from the bottom up:

  • 39% of recruiters say they found “fit” and “personality” from an applicant’s online profile. This mirrors CareerBuilder’s 2009 study
  • 68% of recruiters have rejected someone based on information found about them online. This is up from 50% of CareerBuilder’s study. Clearly, screening candidates online has become the status quo
  • Most interesting is that recruiters use Facebook for screening 28% more than LinkedIn. In my view, Facebook has already usurped LinkedIn for job hunting leverage. More on this later.

Check out the infographic below: