You’ve probably heard of the idea that ALL decisions are emotional decisions. Well, how does this idea relate to job seekers and hiring managers?

I interviewed Susan Weinschenk, author of Neuro Webdesign, to find out. Susan has her Ph.D. in Psychology from Penn State and currently works as Chief User Experience Officer at Human Factors International. I highly recommend that you take a look at this practical and extremely interesting video:

Here is a quick summary of what we learned from Susan today:

  • Do something unusual and unexpected, yet professional. This can get more attention. Susan once received a manifesto instead of a resume. This was bold enough to get the candidate an interview.
  • Use images: Show your work samples. Also, use well known logos to transfer their brand feelings to you. For example if you worked with a large company, use their logo to get some of the brand qualities associated with you.
  • Tell a story: write your resume in narrative form, with one event precedes another.
  • Decisions are made fast: blink decisions are made below the consciousness. A hiring manager looks at more than just your experience. Find out the language used internally, and use buzzwords in your resume.

From her book:

Social Proof: how many connections you have might suggest your credibility. Make sure you have recommendations.

Reciprocity: Offer value first to create a sense of obligation.

Paradox of choice: Not sending too much information. 2-3 work examples max if asked. Don’t over stuff your resume, people will just toss it out of there is too much.

Emphasis YOU: beyond just speaking to their concerns,  also use the word “you” as often as you can.

Similarity: research who you are interviewing with and look for something you can relate to. Commonalities will go a long way.

Be Genuine: These principles are not excuses to be ingenuous. Be yourself, and be honest. People know when your not.

Choose a positive attitude: People respond to up-beat people. Think, “what kind of attitude am I going to choose today?” and choose to be positive. It will come across.

As always, if you’ve found these tips useful or you have anything to add, please comment below.

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