In the United States, if you’re not on LinkedIn, you’re almost dead to the job market. Today, LinkedIn has more than 690 million users worldwide, and 40% of them go online every day. One million new accounts are registered on LinkedIn every 12 days. Now employers are increasingly using social media resources for new staff.

The LinkedIn platform is the right place for both recruiters and job seekers with 50 million listed companies and 20 million open jobs. No wonder 55 job applications are submitted every second here.

Going Private or Staying Public?

The biggest dilemma job applicants usually face is that they are still employed when they start looking for a new workplace. How to advertise your skills without attracting unnecessary attention? Some people wish to hide this activity from a current employer.

The Indeed survey of 10,000 job seekers showed that about 65% of respondents prefer to keep their search confidential from their boss and colleagues. Some people mistakenly believe that using an incognito web browser will allow you to anonymously view the profiles of the companies you would like to work with.

But all sites still collect your activity if you are logged in. However, several other tricks will allow you to remain private.

Disable Automatic Updates

If you want to avoid annoying questions about your job hunting, the first thing to do is to stop broadcasting your activity to your LinkedIn network.  It is enough to go to “Settings” and switch off this feature. You can activate it any time you want.

Watch What You Post

Do not openly inform that you are in a job search on your status update or in your profile. It is also advisable to be careful about what you write in job search-related groups.

Your connections can follow your activity and see your answers in various discussions. Even if you are in an undercover job search, opt for themes that will underline your strong sides and expertise.

Optimize Your Profile

LinkedIn stays a top platform for employers. 87% of recruiters vet the candidates through this resource during the hiring process. So even if you do not openly state you are in a job search, the HR specialists may become interested in your skills if your profile deserves attention. It is not a happenstance case. Your profile should include keywords that are closely related to the job you wish to find.

Activate Private Mode

You may need to view the profiles of the target companies and their top employees. It will give you an idea of what to add to your profile. But these users do not necessarily need to be aware of your curiosity.  It is possible to keep your visits a secret by enabling a “Private mode” feature.

Limit Access to Your Contacts

When hunting for a new job, you will need to actively interact with recruiters and other hiring experts. Not to alert your boss with such connections, make a list of your contact visible only to you. For this, you will need to choose the “Only you” option to the point “Who can see your connections?” in the privacy settings. The same applies to the endorsements.

A stealth job search has an advantage. Most companies are reluctant to deal with unemployed candidates. They believe there may be a reason for it. So the current employment is one of your benefits. “A candidate has much more leverage when he is still employed,” believes an HR expert from Ivory Research.

 Overall, LinkedIn took it into account that you may want to hide your willingness to leave the company from the boss and HR department. It offers a perfect toolkit for each user to maintain privacy during activity on the resource. But besides this, you need to be careful with what you share with the open world.

Avoid using your employer’s assets for job search purposes and do not indicate your working email address. A careful job-hunting algorithm will allow you to kill two birds with one stone: maintain your current position and catch a new opportunity.

Guest writers and carefully selected for Career Enlightenment. Thanks for reading!

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