Electricians are one of the most in-demand jobs in the US right now. With more than 1 million electricians working across the country, it’s easy to find an opportunity to get started. In addition, with an annual salary of $57000 to $75000, electricians are considered to enjoy a fulfilling and promising career.

So, if you’re passionate about electricity and want to build a rewarding career as an electrician, then keep reading. But what makes being an electrician so lucrative, and how do you build a career as one? We have covered everything you need to know about becoming an electrician.

Get Work Experience

The first step to building a lucrative career as an electrician in the US is getting work experience. The more time you spend on the job, the better you will become at it, and that can help you get a higher salary and/or a better job. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of people have lost their jobs and are searching online for professional jobs that can prove lucrative careers. Google search stats show that “electrician” is one of the ten most-searched jobs on Google in the USA alone.

It’s also important to note that electricians who spend more time working will have a better reputation. If you can complete projects quickly and efficiently, your boss will likely want to give you more work opportunities.

Formal Education

You can get your high school diploma, but it’s not necessary. If you want to become an electrician, and have no formal education in the field, then you should take classes at a community college or technical school. These classes will help prepare you for job interviews because employers will hire someone who knows what they’re doing.

Learn From a Qualified Instructor

You need to learn from a qualified instructor to become a specialist in the electrical field and make a lucrative career as an electrician. There are several ways to learn from an instructor:

  • Online classes
  • At-home study programs
  • Local community colleges
  • Trade schools

A qualified instructor provides the right base in the electric field and helps you build your career as an electrician. In addition, many schools offer courses on becoming an electrician, including online courses along with campus-based ones.

Build Your Network

If you’re going to work in the electrician industry, it’s essential to meet and connect with people who can help carve the career path for an electrician that is promising and successful. You should also ensure that these people are willing to help when you need them in the future. It’s necessary to have regular conversations with other electricians through social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

On-Field Practical Knowledge

You can learn a lot from watching others. It is the first thing you should do to build a successful career as an electrician. You can observe and learn from others, especially those who have experience working in this field for years. In addition, it is also important to make mistakes to understand what not to do when working on your next project.

For example, if you are working on a project with your team, an accident occurs due to your team member’s negligence. You can ensure that such an incident does not happen again by rectifying the carelessness made earlier.

Learning from someone else’s mistakes or experiences is the best way to improve at something.

Get Licensed

Once you have the necessary experience and education, you must obtain a license to work in your profession. Each state has its requirements for getting an electrician’s license.

To get an electrician’s license, you must pass a test of your skills and knowledge. Some states require that the trial be taken at a local community college or technical school. However, some states allow those with previous experience in the field to take an exam directly from their state department of labor.

Find a Trustworthy Mentor

Once you decide to become an electrician, it’s time to start researching the career path. The first thing you’ll need is a mentor who can help guide you through the process of getting started. Mentors can help with everything from learning the ropes to finding work and building your network.

They even can help you get licensed and find jobs. Having a mentor will be one of the best things that ever happened to you as an electrician. They’ll keep helping until they’re sure they’ve given away all their knowledge.

Build a Team

You will spend a lot of time on the job as a professional electrician. To get the work done properly and on time, you need a team to help you with it. You may have heard about how important it is for an electrician to build their team. All it means is that you should hire other professionals skilled in various aspects of electrical work so that you can delegate some responsibilities to them.

There are many ways in which having such a team can benefit you and your clients:

  • It will allow you more free time to focus on important projects while they take care of smaller ones.
  • It will save both parties money by letting them pay only for specific services.
  • It allows everyone involved in the process, from the client to the subcontractors. They all feel assured that everything will turn out right because someone else oversees each step along the way.

Update Your Skills

If you want to become a successful electrician, you have to update your skills. The electrical industry has changed significantly in the last decade, and many new techniques, tools, and processes might be essential for your work. So if you want to stay competitive in this sector, you must keep up with all the latest technologies.

If possible, take on new challenges at work or school. It will ensure that you always feel challenged and motivated while learning something new.

Electrician – A Lucrative Career and a Right Choice

You can make a lucrative career as an electrician in the US by making the right choices. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics of the USA has said that the career of an electrician is estimated to grow 10% in the next ten years.

We talked about how you can make a rewarding career as an electrician. We also covered some of the most vital steps needed to be successful in this industry. These tips will help you understand how to work with different electrical systems and troubleshoot them when problems arise.