Building your personal brand is crucial for any entrepreneur, artist, or influencer.

Having a unique style that incorporates your work, talents, and interests is vital to your success, and showing it off to others is the key to making it all come together.

An elevator pitch is a condensed summary of an idea that will pique a listener’s interest. Having an elevator pitch for your personal brand is vital to the networking process. If you’re looking to cement your brand, read on for everything you need to know to craft the perfect elevator pitch.

Create a Conversation

Shouting facts about yourself isn’t going to help your personal brand. You want to weave your elevator pitch into enjoyable conversation.

Find ways to be more social. Try expanding your interests and learning about new topics that help strike up a conversation. Being knowledgeable about a wide array of subjects will make you more interesting to others and have people intrigued by your personal brand.

In addition to knowledge, you should also have passion for the things you love. Put effort into your interests and create work that people will want to spend their time and money on.

Be Confident

Confidence is key to personal brand-building. If you’re too shy, or it seems like you don’t have faith in yourself, others won’t believe in your brand.

There are a few key factors to having confidence during your elevator pitch:

  • Relaxation – Nerves can ruin an elevator pitch. You don’t want anxiety to have you fumbling over your words. Use meditation, or natural remedies such as CBD (get your own at, to calm yourself down prior to networking. This will make you seem more confident, authentic, and prepared.
  • Posture – Hold your head high when giving your pitch. You want to show you have faith in yourself, and words mean nothing if your body language doesn’t reflect this confidence. Maintain a straight spine (learn how here:, make eye contact, and loosen the tension in your neck and shoulders.
  • Smile – People are drawn to happiness. Confidence is great, but when it’s paired with anger, condescension, or snobbiness, you’re going to lose your audience as quickly as you got them. Remember to be friendly, warm, and smile often. Keep your teeth white (these are some great products you can use: and clean to stay confident (and minty fresh) when networking.

Stay True to Yourself

A personal brand shouldn’t be a mask you wear. If you’re not true to yourself, it will show in your pitch. Faking your interests, sacrificing your values, and pretending to be someone you’re not will result in people seeing through the facade and losing interest.

If you want to work on your personal brand, it’s better to enhance your truth rather than shift gears. Here’s how you own your uniqueness without sacrificing professionalism:

  • Put more effort into your interests
  • Take the time to learn more about your passions
  • Put real knowledge and experience behind your brand’s claims
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things, just make sure you truly like them!

Cultivate a Social Network

Social media is a great way to hone your personal brand. From connecting with peers to building a particular aesthetic, social networking is the go-to platform of the modern professional.

Some ways to utilize social media include:

  • Having an Instagram Theme – Photography is a stellar way to capture your personal brand. The colors, quality, and composition of your Instagram photos work together to create visual consistency in your curated profile.
  • Build a Following – What’s a personal brand if nobody can see it? Use social media to connect with others, whether they’re your customers, fans, colleagues, or mentors. No matter what, be sure to engage with, listen to, and appreciate your growing following. 
  • Post Work – Social media is a great way to boost your career. Having photos and listings for your work, no matter what it is, will add validity to your elevator pitch. If you really want to use the internet to your advantage, create a website for yourself and keep business cards with the URL on-hand at all times.

A Personal Brand Takes Work

Your personal brand is more than just what you do—it’s who you are. Combining your work, passions, and unique style is a job in and of itself, and condensing it down to a few key sentences is even harder.

No matter what, don’t sell yourself short.

Put in the work it takes to prepare your pitch, develop a following, and stay true to who you are. If you follow these steps, success will be closer than ever.

Guest writers and carefully selected for Career Enlightenment. Thanks for reading!

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