Can’t stop humming the Korean pop sensation “Gangnam Style”? You’re not alone. The catchy K-pop dance video just made the Guinness Book of World Records for most liked video in YouTube history. That’s a lot of thumbs up for artist PSY and his hilarious send up of Korean pop video tropes. Your video resume may never go viral, but there are some tips you can take from the unstoppable “Gangnam Style.”

You’re not going to want to record your video resume in the bath house or the stables, but there is plenty you can learn from this latest Internet success story. PSY has taken “Gangnam Style” on the road, appearing on everything from Good Morning America to Saturday Night Live. And the parodies keep on coming, whether it’s political videos, touchdown dances, or prison inmates taking on the phenomenon.

PSY’s music video took his career off into the stratosphere. You too can land your dream job if you apply some of the lessons from his viral video success to your video resume.

Here’s how to take some of the wacky tactics used in the video, turn them professional, and use them as inspiration to make a better video resume:

Self-Confidence is key

PSY has self-confidence to spare. Some might even say a little too much self-confidence. Confidence is a key component in how you appear to employers in your video resume. Job seekers who speak with confidence about their skills and qualifications will make a big impression on hiring managers. Employers want to know you have confidence in your own abilities before they decide if they have any confidence that you’re the right one for the job.

So put down those sunglasses and instead focus on appearing calm, poised, and well-spoken. Take a few practice runs before recording your video resume to make sure you’ve worked out your nerves and you’re presenting the best picture to potential employers.

Don’t be afraid to show off your personality

Recording a wacky video resume is likely to get you more laughs than job offers. Still, a boring video resume won’t have hiring managers knocking down your door for an interview either. Instead, show off your personality so employers can gauge how well you’ll fit into the organization.

PSY showed off his wacky, strange, and cool personality with the video for “Gangnam Style.” Whether he was dancing across a street or hanging out in an elevator, one thing PSY doesn’t lack is personality. Show off yours by showing hiring managers just how enthusiastic you are about the opportunity.

Dress to impress

If there’s one thing PSY knows, it’s how to dress snappy. In fact, PSY’s “Gangnam Style” uniform of brightly colored tuxedo jackets and bow ties is likely to be a Halloween staple this year.

You should dress for your video resume just like you would for an important in-person interview. Leave the jeans and T-shirts for your leisure time and treat this important opportunity with the respect it deserves. After all, you only have one chance to make a first impression.

Show your unique value

In “Gangnam Style” PSY created his own dance move like he was riding an invisible horse. He said his style is to “dress fancy and dance cheesy.” PSY played to his strengths and created his own unique style and started a dance craze in the process.

You shouldn’t be dancing on your video resume, not even with invisible horses, but you should be showing off your unique value. You’re not just any job seeker, you’re the person specially suited for the job. Let employers see the value you will bring to the company by listing concrete examples of what you have to offer.

“Gangnam Style” is a huge Internet sensation because singer PSY knows the importance of being himself and being confident. These same attributes should be present in any good video resume if you expect to land your dream job. Then you’ll have the perfect dance moves to celebrate!

What are some lessons from “Gangnam Style” you can apply to your video resume? Share in the comments!