If you are in the middle of your career or even just starting out, you are likely looking for ways to get promoted to a leadership position, where you will be able to showcase your skills, take on new responsibilities, and help your workplace to grow.

However, getting promoted to a leadership position is not always easy, and you must be able to show your reliability and expertise to your manager. Here are some of the top steps that you can take towards getting promoted.

Take a Leadership Degree

If you want to increase your chances of getting promoted academically, you should consider taking a leadership course. Leadership degrees can help those who are already experienced within the workplace to build on their expertise and hone the skills that they need to meet the requirements of a potential promotion.

Taking a leadership degree can also help you to gain the experiences that you need to be able to show your manager that you are the best candidate for the role. If you want to take a leadership degree that can suit your lifestyle, Deakin online courses are accessible to everyone with a Bachelor’s degree, allowing you to get the qualifications that you need without having to leave the company within which you are looking to get promoted.

These will enable you to work towards a degree on your own schedule while gaining access to a professional network and real-world experience.

Discuss Promotion at Your Annual Meeting

Your manager is less likely to promote you if they do not know about your ambitions to get promoted to a leadership position. However, your annual one-on-one meetings are an excellent opportunity to discuss your options with a manager, and you should always mention your desire for promotion within these.

Not only will you be able to tell your manager that you are interested in leadership positions, but this will also allow you to discuss what you need to do to be considered for promotion. This could include reaching specific targets, and your manager will help you to set these so that you have established steps that you can work towards meeting.

Hire a Career Coach

Hiring a career coach can be an excellent option if you feel overwhelmed when considering the next steps to take in terms of your career. Although they will not be able to ace that interview for you, career coaches can design an individualized plan that can help you to work more successfully towards your goals, highlighting job requirements or skills that you need to work on and ensuring that you understand the best steps to take to reach your goals.

Career coaches can also be beneficial for those who are struggling to complete a job application or resume, which could potentially make the difference in your ability to be able to secure a promotion or a new leadership position.

Research and Stay Informed

One of the best ways to get promoted is to stay informed about the latest developments in your sector and leadership practices. Not only will this allow you to understand new and innovative leadership techniques and methods, but researching your industry and the effect that this has on your business can help you to show your interest and allow you to make the right decisions if you do get promoted.

To stay up-to-date, you should read industry journals and websites, as well as remain on the lookout for new press releases and other information that could have an impact on the business that you are looking to get promoted within.

Look for Positions Outside Your Work

If you fail to get promoted within your company, why not look for positions outside of your workplace? Some workplaces do not have opportunities for career advancement, and this can leave you feeling stuck within your job.

If this is the case or you feel as if you are continually overlooked, you should look for other related leadership positions where your skills and ambitions can be realized, and you can make a new start at a company that appreciates you.

Although it can be harder to get leadership positions within another company, the right qualifications and experiences can allow you to go straight to the top of the company.

To find jobs outside of your workplace, you should:

  • Use job websites, like Indeed
  • Check newspaper advertisements
  • Look at specific company websites
  • Network with other professionals

Develop Your Soft Skills

Not only is it essential to develop your leadership skills, but soft skills are also as necessary, if not more so, for those that want to look at getting promoted towards managerial and leadership positions.

These will show that you are prepared for the responsibilities of leadership positions and that you are ready for the potential issues that you may face. The soft skills that you should work on include:

  • Written and spoken communication
  • Computer literacy
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Problem-solving
  • Time management


Additionally, networking can be vital for those who are looking for a promotion. Building up strong connections with your managers and colleagues is essential to help you to become an excellent potential candidate.

Not only this, but networking is also key to helping you to find jobs and possible openings in your industry. By attending networking events, you will be able to connect with professionals who can potentially direct you towards those who are looking for people with skills like yours.

Show Your Value

CNN reports that only 16% of workers want to put in the extra effort to gain a promotion. However, the most vital step that you can take towards promotion is the ability to show your value to your manager and convince them that you are irreplaceable and an asset to your company.

To go this, you need to be a motivated and engaged employee with a passion for the job that you perform. You should ask for extra tasks and opportunities, make sure that you get to work on time, complete all tasks on your to-do list, stay positive, and engage effectively with clients.

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