As a parent or guard, it is only natural to want the best for your children. However, what you consider to be the best for them and what they want to do are, more often than not, completely different things.

Luckily, nowadays, modern parents seem to understand that young generations can stray from the standard path of the “solid, money-making, sure-bet” career and dive deep into activities like gaming or making YouTube videos without becoming “lazy bums”.

Sadly, toxic ideas like “a job is a job” and “you first need to make money and afterward you can think about your passion as a hobby” are still circulating even among some of the young parents. This way of thinking can put extra pressure on the children and can lead to conflict and even forcing them on the wrong career path.

Given that we spend a large majority of our lives working, we should do something we love, right? In this spirit, the job of a parent or guardian is to help their young ones discover the things they like and keep them motivated to strive for improvement by polishing their skills.

Help Them Discover Their Passion(s)

Kids like to explore but not all of them have the courage to dive into new experiences without a bit of help from the adults in their lives. So, encourage them to try new activities and join clubs that fit their skills. However, try to contain your own enthusiasm and let them choose the type of activities they like to do.

For instance, if the kids like to build things or show interest in learning how things work (by breaking down toys or various devices), introduce them to the world of coding. There are many online platforms that offer various coding for kids programs with fun and engaging lessons that help the little ones understand the basics of computer programming and how various technologies work.

Moreover, coding is a skill for the future since the world revolves around new technologies. So, if they like it at a young age, chances are they’ll get quite passionate about coding during their school years, which may open the path to an extremely lucrative niche. On the other side, if things don’t work out between your kids and coding, they’ll still have a great teaching experience that will help them develop a new way of thinking and reasoning.

Help Them Identify Their Strengths

Quick note: this step is for when they are a bit older and start thinking about their professional life (so college or high school).

Encourage the children to talk with a career counselor and take some tests (like the MBTI or Enneagram) that help sketch their natural tendencies. Still, keep in mind that the results are mostly guidelines that help you identify patterns and preferences – nothing is set in stone.  So, if the tests say your child has mostly artistic inclinations this doesn’t mean they should pursue a career in this field.

A child may have artistic tendencies and still choose to grow in a field like engineering or physics. Creativity is important in any field you choose and an artistic inclination may offer them a unique set of skills that can help them stand out from the crowd.

Encourage Continued Learning

When it comes to the careers our children choose, only one thing is certain: learning never stops! Whether they’ll spend a lifetime in the same field or they’ll switch fields every two years, they will have to continue learning to stay relevant.

Therefore, the best thing you can do, as a parent or guardian, is to inspire their drive for learning and encourage them to be curious about the world. Help them discover just how fun it is to acquire new knowledge and keep them interested from an early age. They’ll be grateful for your efforts later in life!

Guest writers and carefully selected for Career Enlightenment. Thanks for reading!

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