Stop. Put down that sheet of ivory thick-stock résumé paper.

An employer is more likely to read your resume on a computer screen, not print it out.

Yet most resume templates (such as the 3 available in MS Word) were designed for paper viewing; small fonts, linear layouts, thick blocks of text.

So if you really want to make an impression, get your well written résumé professionally designed for screen-consumption.

That’s what Smashing Magazine did with a fictional web designer job seeker they called Steve Stevenson.

Smashing Magazine is a leading website for web design and web development. They created some fake credentials for Steve and asked their readers, all talented web designers, to create an amazing looking online résumé.

Here are the top 10 best looking résumés for Steve Stevenson.

I thought this was such a great idea in general, making designers show you their best interpretations, that I thought I would share with you, the job seeker, how you can do this for your own résumé.

How to get thousands of designers working for you

Luckily, I wasn’t the first to come up with this idea. 99 Designs is a website where you post a project and a huge community of designers actually work on it. You give them feedback, they revise the work. Then at the end of the process, you pick the #1 best design and only have to pay for that one.

This is exactly the process Smashing Magazine used with the Mister Stevenson project.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Upload your well written yet ugly looking résumé to some website. (try for starters) This is just to share the info, so don’t sweat the design here. 
  2. Start an account with 99 Designs and post your first project.
  3. Provide feedback to the designs you think are most promising.
  4. Select a winner and be proud!

Tips for writing your project description:

  • Link to your drab looking yet well written résumé website in the project description
  • Also be sure to include important details about your personal brand
  • Read the Smashing Magazine article carefully or share parts of it, especially the 10 lessons learned at the bottom.

Form Versus Function

Today, the way something looks matters almost more than it’s apparent function. Good design is just part or our society. So don’t just stop with a well written résumé. Your work ends with a well designed résumé.

So take action.

Follow these steps or use a private graphic designer. I’d love to hear what your experience was when you do this. Please share in the comments.