The following is an excerpt from my new book, Job Searching With Social Media For Dummies:

Delicious is a web-based bookmarking tool that allows you to find today’s favorite website a month from now through tags. It also has a social aspect, but I mostly use it to keep track of the articles I read and websites I visit. You can use it to tag and keep track of the social networks you join. Before I found Delicious, the Internet just seemed too big. Now it feels manageable. I can’t imagine surfing the web without this tool.

Follow these step to set up Delicious for yourself:

  1. Go to Delicious and sign up for free.
  2. Install the Delicious bookmarklet (button) for your web browser.
  3. When you join a social network use Delicious to tag it. Use the same tag for all of the networks you join, like, “Social Network” or “Profile”.
  4. Use your browser bookmarklet or go to your Delicious account to see what pages you’ve bookmarked. When you search on “Social Network” all of the networks you’ve joined should come up on a nice list.

Use Delicious to Organize the Internet

Delicious is much more than a tool for keeping track of your social media networks. You can use it to tag virtually any website you visit so that you can find it later on. I use it extensively to keep track of research, books that interest me, movie trainers, and even a wish list of shopping items.

Here are some tags you may consider building Delicious bookmarks around:

Website Info Tag
Articles articles, (main topic of article)
Blogs blog, (main topic of blog)
Books to read books Books, , (main topic of book)
Company/organization research research, (name of company)
Industry research research Industry research research, (type of industry)
Resources resources, (what the resource helps you do)
Wish lists (books to read, movies to watch or things to buy) wish list, (descriptor)