Finding a job through Facebook? Is that even possible? Absolutely!

There are quick, simple things you can do on Facebook every day to find the job you want.

    1. Use Facebook to friend former employers, coworkers, college friends, etc. Keeping your network wide can work in your favor. By checking in with old friends, you can inquire about their current jobs and what positions might open soon.
    2. Read status updates and interact with your friends on a regular basis. Networking means building business and personal relationships. You never know how might post a status about a job. Just last week, a friend of mine posted a simple status about a job opening at her company. Employee referrals go a long way.

  1. Use Job Searching apps on Facebook. Did you know that many companies now list jobs on Facebook? In November 2012, Facebook launched the Social Jobs Partnership app that allows users to search and apply to millions of jobs. At its launch, the Social Jobs Partnership had 1.7 million jobs from Monster, BranchOut, DirectEmployers Association, Work4Labs, and JobVite. It also partnered up with the U.S. Department of Labor and three nonprofit labor organizations. You can use these apps directly to apply for positions using your online profile.
  2. “Like” Company Pages and Staffing Agency Pages. By “liking” company pages or the pages of staffing agencies, you can follow news about new job openings. Look for Staffing agencies in your area. For those living in New York City, try Time Out New York for some suggestions. For the general worldwide site, check out
  3. Join Groups. Join your alumni groups, job search groups, and any common interest group that might post job openings. Your alumni network can be stronger than you think. Four years ago when I was looking for part-time work, I used my alumni network to find out about job fairs and alumni career portals online.
  4. Interact with Headhunters and Recruiters on Facebook. If you follow a company and see its recruiters, try to comment on their posts. You can even try sending them a message or adding them as a Friend. This might be a little more daring, but you never know who might notice you.

Facebook’s job searching engines are growing at an alarming rate. Some even speculate that Facebook will outshine LinkedIn in years to come. Many company websites already allow candidates to apply via Facebook. It’s possible that someday Facebook or LinkedIn will be the only way to apply.

Lastly, a few tips before starting your Facebook Job Search:

  1. Seek to keep your Facebook clean of embarrassing stories and photographs. Your future employer may not appreciate photos of you drunk at a club.
  2. Before posting anything on Facebook, consider if anything you write would make your future employer reconsider you as a candidate. If you’re not sure, think if your mother would be disappointed if she saw what you wrote.

Facebook is often overlooked as a purely “social” social networking site. It has become so much more. Facebook is now a budding job search engine. Check it out today.

Editor’s Note:
Posts can be set to public or friends. You can use this privacy feature to determine who can read what you write. In this way, you can still have fun with friends while feeding employers job-specific content.

Written by Laura Pierson of