Looking for a new job is one of the most time-consuming events that could ever happen to a person.

Whether you are just entering the world of work or are looking to change jobs, the job search process is a long one, particularly if you don’t have any contacts in the career you want to go into, which only causes more stress.

Luckily, nowadays, the introduction of social media has made job searching a tiny bit easier. 

Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is renowned for being the social media network you use when looking for a new job. Whether that’s connecting with employers, people you know, or people who work for a company you are interested in working for, LinkedIn has something for all job seekers and employers alike.

One of the many features of LinkedIn is its ability to show off your skills. This showcases to potential employers what your skills range is, and this is something that can help you stand out from other candidates.

Some employers may even require you to complete skills testing as part of the interview process. For this reason, it’s important that you know your skillset, so you can apply for jobs that are best suited to your skills. 

Using other social media sites

Even though LinkedIn is the main social networking site for job seekers, your more traditional social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are also good ways of reaching out to potential employers.

For example, there are many employers who will post in Facebook groups about a potential job opportunity, whether that be in local groups or Facebook groups set up specifically for a certain job area. You also have the opportunity within these groups to post that you are looking for a job in a certain area, and there’s always the chance an employer will see your post and invite you to apply or even interview for a job opening they have.

As with LinkedIn, you can also reach out to people you find on any social media platform who work for a company you’re interested in working for, and you could get to know them, ask questions about the company, and see if they know of any potential job openings.

Don’t bombard them with questions, and remember to remain polite and professional throughout the interaction, as at the end of the day, this could be the person helping you get a job, and first impressions count.

Is using social media to job search worth it?

If you’re using social media correctly, it can be a great way to utilize your job search. With the introduction of social media comes more opportunities to connect with people you’ve never met before, and more connections can equal more job opportunities.

Just as long as you’re not bombarding people with questions and demanding they use their time to talk to you, as this can create a negative impression, this could potentially be the best way in the modern world for you to do your job search.