Personal brand can be a real stumper to many people.  It’s hard to be objective about you and certainly how to convey yourself to others online may be even harder.

Yet, in this day of online everything, our personal brand is out there whether or not we realize it.  The question is: Is what’s online really conveying the message about you that you want?  If you haven’t thought about it, you need to right now because what’s out there about you may be sending up red flags to the very people you want to impress.

Here are some quick online branding tips:


Check all of your social media profiles and postings.  If you are trying to portray a serious accounting type and have pictures posted balancing a wine bottle on your head you have blown it.  You need to make sure your profiles are consistently communicating information about you as well as what’s posted.

Headlines and titles

Honestly, I see so much mismatch it’s amazing.  If you say you’re a marketing maven then don’t put something like “training coordination looking for a great position”.  You won’t be found and it will look fishy to someone who does have your resume.

Tweak previous position titles

I think everyone thinks their title is sacred and can’t be touched but it may be the only thing that will make you recruit-able.  Granted you can’t make a wholesale title change because then when your hiring manager checks your background, they will think you’re fibbing. What I’m pointing to here is that some titles say nothing about the work you do and therefore don’t help communicating your personal brand. By adding a well placed word, you help your brand, make you searchable and help the reader understand what you do.

Here’s an example of what kind of job title tweak I’m suggesting: BEFORE: Principal Consultant AFTER: Principal (Research) Consultant.  By placing the work “research” in the title it makes it more understandable and more closely matches the kind of words that may be used by recruiters.  It also stays true to the original job title so it doesn’t create any concerns.

While there are many working parts to your personal brand you can easily get started making your online personal brand shaped up with only a small amount of work.