Today’s job market is incredibly saturated. You may have all the right qualifications and experience, but when you’re up against dozens of other candidates with similar qualities, then you’re going to need to make yourself stand out.

Making yourself memorable will increase the chances of your being offered the position. You can do this by providing relevant anecdotes that apply to the role you’ve applied for, showcasing your skills and demonstrating how much you know about the company. But, how else can you stand apart from everyone else?

Read on for how to improve your employability chances with these interview tips.

Let your personality shine

We’re all familiar with the concept of good interview attire. A clean, crease-free outfit and a tidy appearance are key. However, if you want to improve your chances of being offered the role, then injecting a little of your personality into your style will help you to shine.

The right eyewear can instantly transform any dull, drab interview outfit into something head-turning and memorable. You can purchase new glasses from EyeBuyDirect – choose something that reflects your personality and style.

Whether you want to express your sophistication with a pair of semi-rimless frames, you want to illustrate your attention to detail with a set of designer glasses or you’re all about bold, bright colors and dazzling frames. This simple accessory can complement your outfit effortlessly, leaving you looking professional and approachable yet undeniably memorable.

Be wary of your body language

When you sit down with your interviewer(s) you want them to know that they have your undivided attention. This doesn’t necessarily mean staring at them intently for an hour, instead, you should focus on providing little signals that show that you’re engaged and eager to do well.

Sit up straight to show alertness and share eye contact with everyone in the room, especially when you’re answering questions. Nod your head, smile, and remember to blink! Taking deep breaths will help keep you calm.

Try to build a connection

Not all of the interview will be focused on questions and skill scenarios. There may be an opportunity to share interests, and to make small talk. Avoid those prolonged periods of awkward silence by having some small talk topics ready.

Smaller discussions about hobbies, interests, or even what you did at the weekend can help build a rapport between you and the interviewers. This makes you more memorable and helps you to feel more comfortable and confident during the interview process.

Research is key

If you have no information about the company you’re interviewing for, then you won’t be able to connect your skills and your personal goals to the business.

Being able to weave projections and client names, company growth, and information about the company’s humble beginnings into your answers (and providing evidence of your sources when asked) will show how invested you are in the interview and the company itself.

And finally, be early!

Arriving early for your interview means you have time to relax and compose yourself. You can interact with other employees and start building a rapport with other members of staff, creating a strong impression before you’ve even set foot in the interview room.

You can also go over your notes and catch your breath! The more organized you are, the more memorable you’ll be.

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