Last year, Jobvite announced its 2012 Social Recruiting Survey results, offering new insights into how employers use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social channels for recruiting. Now in its fifth year, the survey of more than 1,000 recruiters, executives and hiring managers reveals:

  • 92% use social recruiting, up from 78% in 2008.
  • 2/3 of recruiters now use Facebook to find new talent, and 54% use Twitter, while LinkedIn dominates with 93% adoption
  • 73% of employers always or occasionally review social media profiles – even if they’re not provided. What content stands out? Positives: 80% like to see memberships to professional organizations, while 2/3 like to see volunteering or donating to a nonprofit
  • Negatives: 78% frown on illegal drug use, 67% don’t like sexual content, 61% react poorly to profanity, 54% get a bad impression from poor spelling/grammar and 47% don’t like to see alcohol consumption

Check out the full details in the infographic below.