Do you know how many freelancers are out there? Are you one of them? The following infographic made by Zeqr, an online learning platform, digs into some interesting statistics that will encourage you to pursue a freelance career.

The number of freelancers is growing year after year, and nowadays more than 55 million people in the US are embracing this great opportunity. According to a recent study, freelancers feel better about their work and 79% of them say that this career path is better than traditional work.

In fact, thanks to freelancing, these people actually look forward to starting their workday, which usually isn’t the case when you have a cubicle job. Moreover, freelancers even feel more respected and empowered, which is good enough to motivate them to achieve results.

Just in case you need additional encouragement: more than 63% of people freelance by choice, rather than necessity, and 51% of freelancers find the type of projects they’re looking for in less than 3 days and 91% in under two weeks. Pretty impressive, wouldn’t you agree?

Another thing worth mentioning is that an average full-time freelancer spends 36 hours per week working, whereas traditional full-timers spend 40 hours at their 9-to-5 jobs. To get more insight into the world of freelancing, make sure you check out this infographic.

Freelance Iike a boss in 2017

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