As we become more globally connected the world of recruitment is becoming vastly different. Your first impression is no longer made in the interview but on the internet. This infographic explores the exciting frontier of online recruitment and examines how the internet is shaping the workforce of tomorrow.

Every month there are over 300 million google employment related searches and a staggering 94% of recruiters use or plan to use social media for recruiting. The internet has shaped the way in which we interact with the world, and the way in which we both look for jobs and source candidates with almost half (49%) of all employers who used social media to hire saying they found an improvement in candidate quality.

It is estimated that just over half (51%) of all current employees are either actively looking for a new job, or are open to the idea. It has never been more convenient to look for a job, with 43% of job seekers have used their mobile device to look for a job. The world of recruitment is a different place, and the millennial generation are providing a catalyst. Three in four (73%)  of 18-34 year olds found their last job through a social network, and 35% of this younger generation are optimistic about the job market versus just 11% of the ‘baby boomer’ generation.

When it comes to job searching and social media LinkedIn leads the way with 300 million users, the equivalent of just under the population of the USA! Today there are over 1 billion LinkedIn endorsements, and 2.1 million professional LinkedIn groups. Recruiters are actively searching social media as part of their jobs, with over nine in ten admitting that they review a candidate’s social profiles.

There are several items on a profile that can have a negative effect on your chances, with 83% of recruiters saying they would have a negative reaction to posts relating to drugs, 71% disapprove posts of a sexual nature and 65% are not inclined to hire a candidate with profanity on their social profiles. Interestingly, six in ten recruiters say that any spelling and grammar errors on a post would have a negative impact on a candidate’s chances, while 65% said any references to volunteering or charity work would be received positively.

Feel free to check out the infographic below courtesy of Brighton School of Business and Management!