The infographic below first appeared on Internet Service Providers.

“Imagine the following wonderful problem of a worker in the modern-day technology field:

You’re on top of your game, one of the best in your class, looking to work for the best brands in the tech space. You’ve sent resumes to a large number, yet only a select few, such as Google and Facebook were ‘first choice’ hopefuls.

The good news: Both, Facebook and Google, want to interview you!

The better news: Now, you can pick and choose which tech giant to work for.

There’s limitless opportunities at both brands, but what would you consider in making an ultimate decision? These are no normal brands; Google and Facebook are innovative, pressing the limits of informational and social possibilities.

To start, one may wonder about the unique opportunities and ‘perks’ respective to each. For example, which brand:

  • Provides free dance classes to employees
  • Grants unlimited sick days (Oh, yes, and a gym, ensuring you maintain great health.)
  • Pays an average annual salary of $77,184
  • Hosts regular ‘video game’ days

In addition to benefits, read upon mind-boggling interview questions, what famous people visited the headquarters of each, and of course, what not to say during an interview at Google or Facebook.”


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