In the world of professional networking, the internet has become the “virtual rolodex” for business people. This infographic from Richard Madison of The Brighton School of Business & Management examines the differences and benefits of Facebook and LinkedIn for professional use.

LinkedIn is a professional network, which has monetized its connections through its tremendous power as a corporate recruitment platform. With more than 330 million members LinkedIn has cemented itself as the dominant force in professional networking. In a general sense, where LinkedIn is designed to connect professionals, Facebook is designed to just connect people, but can be used in a professional capacity.

In terms of launch date, surprisingly LinkedIn beat Facebook to the punch. The professional network was set up in May 2003, with TheFacebook (later Facebook) being launched in February 2004. Both companies have their headquarters in California, USA, and while LinkedIn’s $1.52 billion revenue seems impressive, Facebook dominates with a $7.87 billion bottom line.

In terms of marketing both platforms have their place, Facebook is clearly a medium which puts marketing second to social sharing, but their user base is vast, and their advertising opportunities are strongly visually engaging. While LinkedIn lends itself perfectly to the critical b2b marketing tactic of networking, rather than faceless advertisement.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about the two social media platforms!

BSBM IG - LinkedIn vs Facebook - Infographic