Most of us do not know how to properly write a resume and we often make the mistake of assuming that we can easily get away with our lack of resume writing skills. Yes, it might be a page or two but the importance of a resume when it comes to job application cannot be overemphasized. Through your resume, your potential employer should be able to gain a glimpse of your professional history to be in a better position of landing a job. To make this a possibility, you need to ensure that your resume is consistent, concise and legible so that it can attract readership.

Throughout the web, you can find conflicting recommendations of how exactly to write a resume. There are some sources that will tell you to include a summary on top, others require your personal interests, whereas others do not seem to agree on whether a resume should be a one page or two page document. Regardless of these, all you need to understand is that a resume should be well written so as it can create a good first impression.

Whether it is your first time writing a resume or you simply want to update an older one, the following Resume Checklist by Essaymama writing service should be your main concern. Include everything that is listed on the checklist together with all the relevant information and you’ll be spot on with your resume.

resume checklist_infographic