I recently had a conversation with the folks at an innovative new company called mynextgig.com. They offer a non-traditional job board experience where you can use video and social media profiles to apply for jobs.

What were some of the challenges in the college hiring process that you saw before starting up?

A. The biggest challenge was trying to find the crossroad between how the job seekers of today want to look for jobs and be found as candidates, and how business can leverage this new hiring technology to achieve speed, cost, and accuracy with their hires.

How does mynextgig.com address these challenges?

A. MNG took the already adopted social networking model, added some video, integrated video conferencing, real-time job posting and application options, and created an interactive destination for job seekers. On the business side, after months of working on this, it became clear that businesses needed to be able to conduct the entire hiring process in one place (which is what MNG offers) and be able to do it for just about free! We only charge $25 to post a job!

What are some of the results your users have seen?

A. Well, we are only 6 weeks post launch and we already have 12,000 users. The MNG concept is spreading like wildfire. Businesses and job seekers have always begged the question… “isn’t there a better way?”… there is, and we created it.
Here is a quick success story with one of our anchor companies…
O’Neill Clothing
approx 1000 employees including their retail stores
normal hiring cycle is around 28 days to staff a new store
Results with MNG
20 hires in 72 hours, all levels
100% retention at 90 days!
Never been done before.
Quote from Nathan Lang, District Manager of O’Neill
“MyNextGig has taken the hassle out of staffing our stores and has saved O’Neill from untold hours of wasted time.”