is a 2 year old start-up run by students at Syracuse University. My interview today was with their CMO, Trace Cohen. Trace is running their PR and outreach including speaking about the benefits of social media for job seekers. We’re definitely on the same page. He had a lot of great things to say about the company and about online brand management. Take a watch. rates your Hire-ability on three dimensions:
1. Visibility
2. Credibility
3. Niche Involvement

By just entering your common user name, it will tell you exactly where you rank on each element across many social media platforms. Then it gives you suggestions on what steps you can take to improve your visibility and credibility.

The best part is for non-technical job-seekers who know they need a blog, but don’t want to bother. The tool actually sets you up with a blog for free in about 30 seconds. So Great!

Also, the application for this tool is not just for students and certainly not just for job seekers. Online reputation management is for everyone. With the average time spent in a job at about 2 years, it makes sense to keep up to date.

Heads up on an upcoming video tutorial on how to use this tool. And as usual, I’d love to hear your experiences and comments below.