Let’s face it, landing a new job is hard won, to say the least, requiring you to beat scores of other applicants. Sadly, the euphoria is not enduring.

It is not uncommon to find that the exciting dizzying heights of securing your dream job fizzle out sooner than you’d like and you sink into the despairing depths of a humdrum life. The glow and excitement of the early heady days of a job wane with boredom setting in and exhaustion from managing heavy workloads.

A lot has been said and written about the importance of job satisfaction at work. After all, a happy workforce is a productive workforce. Considering the many long hours that make up a work day – the average of 40 hours a week or more – it is more common than not for the average worker to come to see work as a monotonous burden.

A US workforce study titled Employee Happiness Index (first conducted in 2016) that looked into the motivations and disinclinations of over a thousand US employees found a disturbing eight percent increase in the percentage of unhappy employees in 2017.

A number of factors have contributed to the 48 percent of demotivated workers included in the study. These include poor work/life balance, not feeling appreciated and the negative consequences of improvements in communication tools.

Job satisfaction action plan

Don’t wait for the debilitating burnout meltdown to show its face. The good news is there are steps to take that will allow you to enjoy job satisfaction and hold onto your position for longer.

• Stress is enemy number 1

More often than not unhappiness at work stems from stress. Stress is created by unmanageable workloads and lagging behind on work schedules.

Manage stress by staying organized by writing things down and using to-do lists.

• Subscribe to a healthy lifestyle

A balanced diet and good health are essential contributors to a positive frame of mind.

Avoiding fat-laden and heavy foods will help you escape feeling weighed down, finding desk exercises to do or just getting up and walking around the office if you are desk-bound for most of the day will improve blood flow.

• Stand up for yourself

Speaking up for yourself will help improve your confidence and morale at work by leaps and bounds.

This by no means encourages an overly aggressive attitude but finding positive ways to deal with conflicts at work will help in achieving job satisfaction.

• If you are in a position to do so, negotiate employment terms

Depending on your situation it may be to your advantage to discuss the terms of employment.

It may be worth your while to negotiate additional days off, flexible work hours or even a raise in salary – factors that influence work/life balance and contributes to a happy employee.

Building a happy and healthy work environment has become singularly important today as the modern office encroaches more and more into the personal lives of its workforce.

Maintaining job satisfaction is not always easy but as long as you hold steadfast to what is important you can boost productivity and prevent yourself from becoming demotivated at work.