Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Kat Krull, the Marketing Manager at Careerimp, to learn about their newly launched service,  Check out what she had to say about their latest addition.

What is is an innovative job recommendation engine that finds job seekers their most compatible open positions using their previous experience, skills and personality strengths.

How does it work? uses Careerimp’s Semantic Intelligence technology to match a job seeker’s background to thousands of job descriptions.  Jobs are then scored and presented in rank order to the user. This helps job seekers hone in on the best opportunities for them, without the restriction of keyword searching alone, which often limits the types of jobs a job seeker is given.

What does the job seeker have to do?

A job seeker inputs their experience and skills, via copy and pasting their resume or importing their LinkedIn information, and selects a city.  Based on their information, personalized job results are presented to them, each with their own compatibility score.

Also, they can select their personality type to see which of the job openings best match their natural preferences.  If they don’t know their personality type, they can take the genuine Myers-Briggs® personality assessment through for only $29.95 (retail price is $59.95).  We can do this through our partnership with CPP, Inc. – the sole publishers of the Myers-Briggs® assessment.

Finally, if they would like to improve their score for a specific job, users can click on the “Optimize Resume & Apply” button to be taken to Resunate, where their resume is automatically evaluated and optimized before they apply.

How is this different from other job boards? finds positions that other job boards might not find because more traditional job boards require you to already know what positions you want in order to provide jobs that must have an exact keyword match to the user’s search term.  Rather, uses a job seeker’s own experience and skills to find open positions.  For instance, a job seeker might always search the title, “Engineer”, and get limited results., though, may find that person “Project Manager” or “Supply Chain Analyst” positions that might make more sense based on their background.  They may never have found these positions, otherwise.

Also, automatically presents the job seeker with their highest-ranked, personalized job results.  Therefore, the most compatible job results are presented to them first, making job-searching easier, faster, and more effective.

Which cities does list job openings for?

Currently, has thousands of jobs from Pittsburgh, PA, New York, NY, and the Bay Area, CA.   We will be expanding its reach in the near future.  If you would like your city to be included next, make sure to “Like” us on Facebook and vote in our “Next City” contest!

To learn more, check out  Also, you can find Kat on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.