Remember the chatty Cathy you used to sit next to, or the loud talker down the aisle, or maybe the guy two cubicles away you loved to commiserate with about your lame boss? When seeking a new job, a former co-worker can be your best asset. After all, who knows your work ethic better than someone who has already seen you in action?

So when you discover that a prior colleague has a position at your desired workplace, reaching out is only logical. Trouble is it may have been months, even years, since you’ve been in contact. No problem! A well-crafted message can smooth over even the biggest time lapse, and as we have discovered, there is no need to rewrite the book. Simply use a template to achieve the desired effect.

Sometimes the solution is to acknowledge when you last worked together, which also serves as a reminder of the connection, as in this template by blog reader and LinkedIn networking guru, Sudy Bharadwaj:


Subject: A blast from your XXX Past Subject: Hello from a fellow XXX co-worker

Hi Betty,

I hope you are doing well, it has been quite sometime since our days at XXX. I was hoping you help me out. I notice your company is hiring YYY (a few links to the openings are at the bottom of the email). Are you able to provide an internal referral? Either emailing the hiring manager with my resume (attached) or submitting my name within your HR system would be of great help.

I really appreciate your time and help!

Warm Regards, Kelly B

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