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It’s clear that social media platforms are essential for everything online.

Increasingly, LinkedIn is now considered as one of the largest networking platforms in worldwide and became the sourcing tool of choice among all other social networking sites.

LinkedIn involves in networking more than a casual acquaintance and can give you access as a marketing tool for better customer services, finding your next hire, connect with friends of your interest, to share & get updated news, and even points of sales and business.

LinkedIn proved as a best social networking site for the employers who use it for both networking and recruiting. As this site is coming under the popularity of social recruiting, so it is a proper way to build and balance a company’s career site as well as keeping you up to date with industry news.

More than 94 percent of the total recruiters who use social media are prefers to connect with LinkedIn to became an active user, also getting and sharing relevant information related to their requirement fields.

Just take a look at the infographic courtesy of to learn about how to build and manage your professional network with LinkedIn, and its popularity towards success.