This article appeared in MarketingProfs last April 29, 2013 and thought this might be helpful to you.

When most people think of social media, they think of Facebook or Twitter as the most popular social network. But the true giant in professional social networking is LinkedIn, which boasts some 200 million users from more than 200 countries.

To find out how LinkedIn is transforming job recruiting, the folks at Masters in Human Resources did some research and created the following infographic.

Turns out, HR folks aren’t flipping through paperwork when helping companies fill positions. Instead, recruiters are checking out profiles on LinkedIn, their preferred social networking platform, the research found.

Some 93% of recruiters use LinkedIn to search for candidates.The second social media network of choice for recruiters is Facebook, at 66%, followed by Twitter at 54%.

Recruiters aren’t even solely focusing on job seekers. Some 80% of LinkedIn users aren’t looking for jobs, but recruiters still peruse their profiles when seeking the best candidates.

Among other findings…

  • 89% of recruiters use Linkedin at some point in time.
  • 73% of recruiters filled a position using social media in 2012.
  • 10% of jobs are filled using job-networking sites.

Check out the following infographic to find out more about how LinkedIn is transforming how job recruiters find candidates:

LinkedIn Infographic