You’ve probably already been doing a great job with maximizing your social media presence for leveraging a better job.  After all, we’re part of the social media generation.  But sometimes it’s easy to forget that an important part of effective job searching is making sure you’re being just as industrious offline as you are online.

The basics still matter.  Getting out and getting involved can go a long way to boosting your shot at a better job.

Stay Sane

Part of the benefit of getting out and getting busy is just feeling sane again.  If you’ve been involved in the job search for a while and begin to feel ineffective and powerless, just staying occupied can go a long way to relieving the tension.  It’s good to feel useful, even if the activities you engage in aren’t directly related to a job search.  Finding useful ways to contribute can change your self-image significantly and can reduce the tunnel vision that a single-minded focus on job searching can cause.  Keeping yourself occupied is therapeutic.

Try Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to help out in your community but it can also help you land a job.  There are a couple of reasons that volunteering is effective for job searchers but the logic can be counter-intuitive.  The most obvious benefit is resume related.  If you’re unemployed or under employed it’s hard to create a compelling resume.  But if you’re volunteering on a regular basis you can include that information in your resume.  It not only shows an altruistic side of you, it shows that you’re actively engaged in your community.

Make Your Resume More Compelling

If a potential employer has two resumes to examine and they’re virtually identical except for a history of active engagement with volunteer work in the community, which person do you think is going to get the job?  And working closely with the boards of many volunteer organizations will put you in working relationships of individuals who may be movers and shakers in the business world.  That can open up networking opportunities that you may have never even dreamed of.  It’s okay if you mix some altruism with some good old-fashioned self-interest.

Take Advantage of Career Services

If you’re anything like me, you probably never think to use resources that actually exist to help you.  How many times have you gotten emails from your college’s career services only to promptly delete them?  Career services and alumni services exist to help their students and graduates find gainful employment in their respective fields.  But frequently students and graduates just don’t take advantage of them.

A prime opportunity for networking exists here as well.  Many successful alumni are heavily involved in alumni services and are always looking to find potential job candidates from within the ranks of their alma maters.  And taking advantage of career services can link back to your LinkedIn efforts as well.  Many college career services have an active LinkedIn presence and you can tap into their extensive contacts for further networking opportunities.

Making sure that you’re staying just as involved with your offline efforts as you are with leveraging the power of social media can help ensure that you encounter success.