I’ve been hearing about more and more people interested in moving from the private sector to the not-for-profit sector. Though I haven’t made that jump myself (yet) I thought it would be valuable for readers if I posted networking opportunities.

Last week, I met some great folks at Beer&Blog. We “geeked out” and talked about why some online communities make, and why other’s thrive. Well, one VERY thriving community is called CNRG. I have no idea what it stands for, but it has grown fast over the last few years.

Complete with job postings, Volunteer opportunities and their own awards ceremonies. Here is their vision:

As Oregon’s premier network of nonprofit professionals and community members, CNRG will cultivate a vibrant, collective nonprofit sector. CNRG will build social capital in the community through:

  • A clearinghouse of nonprofit involvement opportunities, resources, and collective knowledge,
  • Mentoring, training, and career planning services,
  • The creation of opportunities for coalition building,
  • Recognition of emerging nonprofit leaders, and
  • The involvement of CNRG members in the continuing development of a nonprofit sector that allows us to live and work together in a healthy, sustainable, civil society.

By the way, they are looking for volunteers. So if you are looking to move into the Non-profit side of things, CNRG may be a great place for you to start meeting new folks and developing your online (and offline) reputation.